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Mamonde PURE WHITE WATERY SERUM is a moisturizing serum 
that also has the function of whitening effects. 

Appearance and design

It's a little heavy because of the sparkling case that's made of glass and the pink lid. 



The bottle shimmers because it has these delicate pearls. 

The pumping area. 
The serum comes out when you press this area. 

Applying on the skin - Texture and feeling

I can see the delicate pearls glittering. 

Even though it runs down if you lean over, but it's sort of thick so it won't run down like water. 
However, it gets absorbed very quickly like water when you apply it and it feels quite watery. 


It gives you a bright feeling because it glitters very delicately. 
However, the glittering doesn't really stand out or anything. 
It's very delicate. 

 Moisturizing and absorbing ability

It's very moist on the skin as if you are applying water. 
But you can feel a bit of tension on your skin if you apply the serum 
because it doesn't last very long. It would last longer if you apply it with the cream. 



Advantages - It's moist and it makes your face bright very quickly. 
Even though it feels a little sticky on the skin, it's very light and easy on the skin because it becomes watery and gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. 
It maintains the dry skin moist if you apply it with the cream. 
It feels very mild. 
I didn't really experience the whitening effects, but
I really liked it because the delicate pearls seemed to make my face bright. 

Improvements to be made - It's a little heavy because the bottle is made of glass. 
It would have been better if it had better moisturizing ability. 


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