Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mamonde Total Solution Watery Cream

Mamonde Total Solution Watery Cream


Let me introduce a refreshing moisturizing cream to you today. :)


Mamonde Total Solution series are already very famous among people. 
Let me introduce the watery cream, a product in the total solution series that provides moisture for all skin types. 
Even though I have a very dry skin, I personally like those moist cosmetics that have less oil in it. 
I am especially crazy about moisturizing creams and moisturizing gels. LOL
I really love this product. 
I am guessing that the red total solution is the most famous product when we talk about Mamonde Total Solution. For me, the red one had too much oil in it. 
I bought this product after trying out the samples. 


This product should be okay even for those people who have sensitive skin. 

It's a plastic container~
Moisturizing creams are normally in normal cream containers and it's really inconvenient to use and unhygienic. But this product can be used in a very clean way because it's in a vacuum pumping-type container. It's more hygienic because the mouth is covered with a small lid. . 

I squeezed some out on the back of my hand. :)
In my personal opinion, the ratio of moisture and oil was 80:20. 


Can you see that soft and smooth sense of moisture?
It got absorbed into the skin very quickly and it applied very smoothly on the skin because the the texture was very watery. I usually apply a lot before I go to sleep because I really like the smell. :) You don't have to worry about it staining your blanket or pillow because it gets absorbed very quickly. 

I encourage you to purchase this product if you want a refreshing moisturizing cream. :)


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