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Mamonde Blooming Floral Powder Pact 14g

Mamonde Blooming Floral Powder Pact 14g


It has been several years since Mamonde has become a famous brand for producing great pacts. I've actually forgotten about Mamonde's pact after using it several years ago. 
I don't know why I did~
Having used Mamonde's pink pact that's looks like flower, 
it reminds me of old memories!!

 This product is known to create a bright skin for about 10 hours. 
Ordinary pacts are usually 10g, but this one is 14g in volume!
It also blocks the ultraviolet rays to a certain extent because it has the function for blocking the ultraviolet rays. (SPF 25, PA++) It is also known to be good for the skin because it contains floral minerals. 

I remember myself using Mamonde's pact about 2-3 years ago. 
The product became a lot smaller!
I remember myself complaining that it's inconvenient because it was so big. 
It looks so much prettier and it's a lot more portable because it's snow smaller. 
It fits in one hand!
Actress Ji Min Han also used this pact when he was waiting for Woo Sung Jung
in the advertisement! LOL


The size became smaller, but it became thicker. 
But it's not too uncomfortable or anything. 
However, the button of Mamonde's pacts is very fragile and it breaks very easily. 
The cover opens when you press that button. I guess it's not that firm. 
It's sort of loose!


The manufacturing date is written on the bottom.


The case is really pretty because it has these delicate pearls on it. 


The cover bends in 180 degrees.


Maybe it's because that I am so used to using small mirrors that
this mirror looked very small. The size of the mirror isn't much different than other pacts. 


There is a plastic film in the middle and you should be careful not to lose it. 


The width has become smaller, but the thickness has become bigger. 
It's actually very deep. 
It's brighter than the ordinary no.21.
You may not be able to see it very clearly in the photograph, but there are delicate pearls in it. 


This is a product that I used before and I still had it. LOL
I threw it away after taking this photograph. 

It does make a huge difference!
The Floral Blooming Powder Pact 10HR is much brighter. 
I remember myself buying the previous product because it was the brightest. 

The size has become smaller and the thickness has become more deep. 

I liked the puff because it was very soft and also because it wasn't too thin. 
They are selling the puff for Mamonde's products at ARITAUM and I think you should buy them!



This is right after applying the BB cream. 
I actually like this kind of skin because it looks moist. 
My makeups usually get erased very easily because I have a combination skin. 
The areas that I get a loot of sebum become extremely messy after about an hour from doing my makeup. That's why I always have to finish my makeup with a pact. 
It's very important that you apply the pact to the extent that covers the oil on the skin. 
You should never apply too thick. 



I applied some puff on it. 
I can see that the color is very bright. 


I rubbed it on my finger. It was very smooth and it didn't fly in the air. 
The particles are extremely fine. 

 I've tapped some more on my nose and finished my makeup!
I've finally created a soft and bright skin!
In fact, I applied quite a lot in the photograph. 
I intentionally applied some more because I wanted to see if it became dry. 
It was actually a little dry after all. But I didn't have to correct my makeup until lunch because it lasted for a long time. You cannot really see the pearls that much because they are very delicate. I also liked the delicate smell of flowers!
You shouldn't apply too much on the areas near your eyes because it may make your skin dry. 


It can be dry on the skin and your makeup may look too thick if you apply too much!
It's a highly-enduring product that will enhance the covering capabilities
as long as you do not apply to much. 


Click here to purchase the product.

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