Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Advanced Grinding Powder SPF10

OHUI Advanced Grinding Powder SPF10 

No.1 / No.2  O HUI Advanced Grinding Powder [SPF10] 20g
<The product that you see in the photograph is no.2. It's when I slightly turned the grinder.>

<You can tap it by coating on the velvet puff or on the face brush>

The covering capability of OHUI Advanced Grinding Powder isn't that great because it's a loose powder. But it creates a natural skin that's both light and bright. 

The powder doesn't seem to fly as much as the previous version. 
It has a delicate smell that's quite similar to the fragrance of Kenzo's perfume. 
It's not the smell of those ordinary powder products. The amount that comes out is decided by the amount that you turn the grinder clockwise. 

It feels very refreshing, it's a lot fun and you do not have to worry about the powder spilling out in your pouch because you get to freshly grind it whenever you are using it. It has a huge mirror and does't have a blind spot. For such reasons, I can apply it on my face with much satisfaction. 

The colorful powder comes out like Guerlain's Marble Powder. It's good to use it as a highlighter rather than using it to cover the skin. 

You'll be able to see the true value of Grinding Powder No.2 when you apply the base - > BB -> foundation after doing the basic cosmetics. It's adheres on the skin very lightly on finely. 

The biggest advantages of this product would be that it doesn't lump up even if you correct or reapply it frequently and yet create a soft and smooth skin. 

This product is definitely an amazing product because it covers the pores, has the function for controlling the sebum and also removes the oil on the t-zone for those people who have dry skin. I guess I do not have to mention about those people who have oil skin. The Essence Rich Grinding Powder was quite popular among the mania before they've released the new version. 

However, regardless of one's age and whether they are rich or poor, I am sure that all of the women who understand what loose powder is would want to try out the new advanced grinding powder. 

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  1. Anyway this product is awesome at such a low price! Very natural and even coverage, fits my skin colour totally!

  2. To introduce a friend bought. Satisfied.