Thursday, March 14, 2013



I am currently using OHUI Age Science DN Age series for my basic cosmetics. and even though I personally like the DN Age series, I would like to write a review about The First Cell Redesigning Treatment because I've had a great opportunity to try out the product. 

As you can see from the product's packaging, this product is very luxurious and as you can understand from its price, it seems like a product that plays the roles of its functions very well. 

The texture isn't that soft or anything. You are able to feel a bit of nutrition from the texture. 
You should be able to apply the cream on your entire face even with a small amount. Even though it has a bit of oil in it, it's not heavy on the skin. 

Product seemed to bring changes for my skin cells when I've applied them on my skin. You''ll understand what I am talking about when you try out the product. My friends used to be envious about my white  and smooth skin. But it looks like you cannot deceive your age.

I am in my mid-twenties right now and I am getting so much fine wrinkles on my face these days. I applied the product on my skin that has dark circles and that is losing flexibility. It adhered on my skin extremely well and it felt really nice. 

My skin has become slightly brighter and smooth and I am seeing less wrinkles on my face after having used this product for a few days. It seems like it's going to bring huge changes to the skin if I use it regularly. My makeups usually didn't take very well because of the dead skin cells, but this product didn't have those. Just because it has a bit of oil doesn't mean that it is only and doesn't have a sense of moisture. It seemed to maintain the balance of moisture and oil very well according to your skin type. The makeup takes very well on the next day. 
When I say that the sense of moisture is different, it means that it's definitely worth its price. 
The synergy effects would be enormous if I use all of the five new products together. 
It looks like it's going to resolve all the skin problems regardless of the skin type. 
It's a nutritional cream that should match very well on dry, oily, combination or any kind of skin type. It looks like it's going to enhance the wrinkles and make the look of the bright. 

It wasn't heavy even for a person like me who is her mid-twenties and I think it's a great product that you can give to your parents as gift. I strongly recommend all the basic cosmetics of OHUI. I believe I should take care of my skin when I am still young, so that I can maintain a healthy and young skin. 

Women look really pretty when they have good skin and this product made me feel that I should take care of my skin well. 

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  1. Have tried the essence for about a week. It's easily absorbed and Loving it!!!

  2. The second is already purchased. Is satisfied.