Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI The First Cell Revolution Essence Advanced 50ml

OHUI The First Cell Revolution Essence Advanced 50ml

It's an essence that makes the skin even more glossy,

for it contains vital energy and core ingredients of culture fluids of stem cells, which is a basic ingredient of OHUI. 

The texture is sort of yellow and lumpy.

It's not sticky at all and it's sort of heavy. 

This is the texture when applied on the skin. 

It's not a texture that has a great sense of moisture. (In other words, it's sort of watery)
It was sort of hard and heavy. 

As I've mentioned before, it didn't have much viscosity. 
(But it had the most viscosity among the three set of products)

I applied the essence on the left and didn't apply anything on the right. 

For a heavy texture, I was not able to feel much oil. 
Also, it had a powdery finish and it wasn't very heavy when I applied it on my skin. 
It was sort of like covering the skin. 

It think products like these match very well on me because the skin needs a lot of moisture in a cold weather like these. I was not very familiar with products that have this sort of texture because I've been only using product that get absorbed into the skin moistly. 

However, I was not able to feel the tension on my skin when I applied the product in the evening before I went to sleep and it also made my makeup to last longer because it got absorbed very well. I strongly recommend this product for those people who are looking for a powdery product that is slightly heavier than those products that are moist in their texture. 
The fact that it doesn't have any oil in it is something that I really like 
because my skin is especially sensitive to oil.