Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Lucent Make Up Brush For Well Made Skin

OHUI Lucent Make Up Brush For Well Made Skin

This is how the product looks like. 

I opened the lid and it was like an ordinary pouch. 

Let's take a closer look.

I opened it and I was able to see the brushes. 
I am really curious about those brushes that are neatly lined up. 

You can carry your simple cosmetics 
because there is a small pouch on the side. 

Let me show you the brushes, which I believe are the most important things. 
The brushes look extremely soft. 

It was sort of difficult to unwrap those vinyl because it was a new product. 
It's the powder brush. 

This is the blending brush.

This is the foundation brush. 

This is the eye brightener brush. 
Even the beginners should be able to use it
because each brush has names on it.

This is the concealer brush.

the OHUI logo in marked on the front. 

it has a very light grip that is made of white tree. 

Let's take a look a the fur of the brush, which I also believe is an important factor. 

The photograph is a bit out of focus. 

But I am sure that you can feel the softness of the brush. 

Gosh. The photograph is out of focus again. 

I tested to see how soft the brush was. 
It had such a soft touch on my fingers. 
It was extremely soft because it has used the natural fur. 
The fur goes back to where it was when you place your finger on it. 
The brush that's manufactured by the brand M is sold for 60,000 KRW these days. 
This brush is a brush that's manufactured by the same company. 
The brush of M is black and this brush is made of a white tree. 
I hope that you can do your makeups very happily with OHUI's makeup brush. 

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