Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI The First Cell Revolution Eye Cream 20ml

OHUI The First Cell Revolution Eye Cream 20ml

It's a highly enriched total care eye cream that applies very smoothly on the areas near your eyes, which are considered to be the fragile areas for wrinkles. It's a product that helps to make the fragile areas near your eyes flexible and vital with rHSCP, which is a core ingredient of The First, and hesperidin derivatives that are known to make the areas near your eye bright. 

Just like how an expensive premium product should be like, the packaging was extremely nice. 
I was able to feel the classiness and the amount of the attention they've put into this product from the box. Even my husband who is not much aware of cosmetics said "wow' when he saw 
the  Cell Revolution Eye Cream. 

The combination of light ivory and gold is just amazing. 

The product comes along with the eye cream, spatula and the instruction manual.

The spatula is also gold. It looks very cute. 

I really liked the instruction manual. 
It was like a small book and it contained product description, information on The First's products, ingredients and the advantages of The First's products in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.  I don't usually read these instruction manuals. But I really wanted to read this one because the characters were printed in big size and it was very easy to read. 

The round case was very cute and the gold body looked very luxurious. 

How to use: After applying the emulsion, apply the the appropriate amount on your ring finger and tap it on the areas near your eyes by using the temperature of the finger as if you are drawing a circle. 

There is a virgin seal on the top that guarantees the freshness of the product. 

There is another protection film when you take off the seal. 
The seal comes off very easily and it doesn't leave any mark around it. 

You can see the eye cream when you take off the protection film. 

The cream has an ivory color and it has a very delicate smell.

The smell isn't strong. I really liked the delicate smell. 

It's a highly enriched eye cream that's quite thick in its texture. 
It smoothly melts and gets absorbed into the skin when it touches the temperature of the skin. 
You can feel that your skin is becoming flexible. 

I scooped out some cream with the spatula. 

I can feel that it's a highly enriched eye cream. 

You can apply a wide area even with a small amount. 
It gets absorbed very smoothly and it gets absorbed very quickly. 

It didn't irritate my skin even for a person like me who has an extremely sensitive skin. 
The areas near my eyes immediately became flexible when I applied the product. 
The cream didn't get pushed away and all of them got absorbed into the skin.
It applies very smoothly and it made my skin very tight. 
I was able to realize the reason why they were able to sell this product that much. 
It seemed to play its roles very well because it can be applied on wide areas on the skin even with a small amount. It made me want to try out all of the products of 'The First', which is one of the best cosmetics of South Korea that has applied stem cells technology into cosmetics. 


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