Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Glamorous Colour Gloss 12ml

OHUI Glamorous Color Gloss R31 Moon Beige

One of the biggest worries of ordinary women would be the question of "do I have to choose lip gloss?". It would be too much for an ordinary person to purchase the various tone cosmetics. So an ordinary person tends to look for a lip gloss that matches well with their tone tone cosmetics and their clothes. OHUI Glamorous Colour Gloss is a product that resolves all of these problems. It's a product that has a delicate color which can be matched very well with the smokey makeup, work or events for congratulations and condolences. 

I recommend this product for those women who are in their twenties and thirties because it's sort of sticky. I personally recommend OHUI's Age Recovery Tri-Shield Lipstick 121 (3g/33,000 KRW) for those people who are in the mid-thirties. OHUI Glamorous Colour Gloss protects the lip because it contains the wrinkle care essence and it can be used  very refreshingly because the case opens with a click when you push it up. 

The colors of the lip gloss and the lipstick that I am currently recommending are OHUI's best selling colors and it can be used very easily and conveniently freely from your clothes or eye makeup. 

At last, the lip gloss lasts for about six hours if you apply it at nine in the morning and
it will last until very late in the evening if you reapply it. You should be able to maintain a fresh lip for your date in evening. 

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  1. I recommend this product. It is very excellent quality compared with price.