Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening BB Cream (spf 30 pa++) 50ml

Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening BB Cream (spf 30 pa++) 50ml

This is the product that I am going to write a review about. 
The name of this product is Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening BB Cream. 

I remember myself complaining to a friend of mine about using the oriental cosmetics.
But I found out that oriental cosmetics are extremely good after all. 
It actually feels kind of weird to be using an oriental cosmetics when you are in your early twenties because they are meant to be for your mothers. 
Of course, the product wasn't that heavy or anything.

This is how the BB cream looks like when you take off the cover. 
You might have already noticed by the name 'Soomil' that it's a product that belongs in the moisturizing series. That's why the color is sort of like jade and it gives a very cool feeling when you look at it. 

I found out that the volume was 50ml when I looked at it closer. 
It also has the function for protecting the ultraviolet rays. 
It protects both SPF and PA. 

I really like these things. 
Can you see the expiration that's written over there? It says June.20, 2011. 
You won't be able to change the words if it's written in ink. 
It's a fresh product that's been manufactured in summer. 

This mark represents that it's a new product. 
They've pasted a sticker between the body and the lid. 

It's very convenient to control the amount 
because the hole is kind of small. 
But the disadvantage of these tube-type products is that
you have to clean the mouth after using them. 
However, even though I am a kind of person that doesn't really bother about these things, 
the area near the hole is pretty clean until now. 

It becomes like this when you spread it. 
Can you feel the the color and the feeling of it?

I've divided the back of my hand with an eyeliner for a comparison. 
The left is the Innisfree Green Tea BB Cream 
and the right is the Sooryehan Soomil BB Cream. 

Innisfree's product was definitely watery and
Sooryehan was more matt than Innisfree. 
Also, the color was a bit darker than Innisfree.

For conclusion,

1. It has a great level of adhesion. 
2. It has a great covering ability.
3. Having considered the matt texture, it was a lot more moist than I've expected. 
In other words, it's actually not a product in the moisturizing series. 

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