Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sooryehan Yunha Massage Cream 200ml

Sooryehan Yunha Massage Cream 200ml

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I personally think that you have to select your cosmetics very carefully because they are something that gets applied on your skin. However, the significance of a massage cream is especially more special because your skin becomes a lot healthier when you have a good blood circulation and also when you get rid of the residues. Sooryehan Yunha Massage Cream gives you a very pleasant refreshing and moist feeling when you give a gentle massage. 
It's really good because it enables you to feel a clean skin and smell the delicate oriental fragrance. I strongly recommend this product. 

<Sooryehan yunha massage cream>

Volume: 200ml

It is a mild massage cream that provides a sense of moisture and flexibility to the skin through a smooth and delicate massage that can be felt on your fingertips. The low-stimulating oriental ingredients help you to have a smooth blood circulation to create a bright and vital skin. 

How to use: Apply it once or twice a week. After washing your face, calm down your skin with a skin, apply the appropriate amount on your face from the inside as if you are drawing a circle and gently wipe it off with a tissue. 

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