Thursday, March 14, 2013

SooRyeHan Boyang Red Ginseng juice cream 30ml

SooRyeHan Boyang Red Ginseng juice cream 30ml

I am sure that SooRyeHan is a brand that most of you are aware of. It's an oriental cosmetics of LG Care. I was very curious about this product because the case was really pretty and also because I've heard a lot of people say that it's great. 

I opened the lid. The cream was very flexible like a pudding that has a lot o moisture in it. 
I guess I can say that it was quite chewy. 
That's how the cream looked like in my eyes. I opened the lid and quickly applied the cream on the back of my hand. 

Can you see the back of my hand? The photograph isn't very clear because I took the photograph with my mobile phone. My hand became very moist and smooth without stickiness. It was very silky. It also has the smell of red ginseng. As you are well aware, the smell wasn't that strong or anything. It simply smelled like an oriental cosmetics. 

How to use: Apply the product in the direction of the skin after applying the milky lotion. 
You can use the cream that's stored in cold temperature as a pack by applying it thickly on your skin if your face is extremely dry. 

I should provide a lot of moisture on my dry face with SooRyeHan Boyang Red Ginseng Juice Cream because it can also be used as a moisturizing pack. 
Thank you so much for the gift. 

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