Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sooryehan Hyo Fermented Cream 50ml

Sooryehan Hyo Fermented Cream 50ml

Sooryehan Hyo Fermented Cream looks quite similar to a fermented eye cream. 
I tried comparing these two products together and they were almost the same. 
I was able to find out that the fermented cream had a strong smell when I smelled the fragrance of each product. However, the feeling of the absorption was definitely different. 
The fermented eye cream got absorbed very softly and moistly, whereas the fermented cream seemed protect the overall oil and the moisture of the skin because it had more oil in it. 

I've been using the fermented cream after washing my face in the evening recently
because the weather these days is very humid and hot . 
The product felt very nice because it was very smooth. 
The fermented cream is extremely nice because it doesn't make your skin glossy or sticky on the next day. 

I haven't been using a cream during summer because I have a combination to oily skin.

But I personally think Sooryehan Hyo Fermented Cream is a great product 
because it protects the sense of moisture on the skin, for it is a product that is used after washing your face in the evening. 

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