Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sooryehan Dabityoon Jiyoon Powder

Sooryehan Dabityoon Jiyoon Powder

I took out the contents in this rectangular box. A pact, a refill puff, a black lid, a pocket and the instruction manual were in the box. I got so excited that I didn't even bother to look at the description. 

It fits it one hand. 

I opened the pact and there was the gold pact. It's looked so amazing. I really like it. 
I hope the pact doesn't break up until I am done using.

This is the protection lid. I really hate those pacts that do not have a protection lid. 

And if you look at it close, you'll be able to find the complicated flower patterns on the pact. 
I personally prefer a product that has patterns like this one than those other products that have the company's brand mark. Well.. they're going to disappear anyway. 

I applied the power on the my face. 
I applied the powder on the edge only because I don't want to make it dirty. I am so timid. 
The puff is extremely flexible. I really like it. 
You can apply the powder on your entire face with that much. 
I should put the puff back into the case well because I don't want to lose it. 
I am not going to show you the photograph of my face. I'll show you my face when I have a clean face. I am just going to show you the before and after photograph of my hands. 

This is the back of my hand. Perhaps you can't see it very clearly because of the bad resolution. I applied the powder on one side. It seems to correct the skin tone very well. When you actually look at it, it has definitely become soft. 
It is such a nice smell. Did you think that it would have a crappy smell? It smells really good. 
I think I chose the right color for me. 

I am not going to give stars for this product 
because I am worried that I might give too many stars because I've been living very poor without a pact for quite a long time. 

First of all, it smells very good even though it's an oriental cosmetics. It doesn't have a strong smell of the powder and it has a very delicate smell. It's really a product that I was looking for!
It's sort of hard for me to choose a cosmetics because my skin color is in between no.21 and no.23. I wanted to use the bright no.21 because I am not very good at doing makeups. But I've just decided to use no.23 because no.23 is a very safe color. (I often mix it with no.21)

I worried a lot because no.23 is quite strong. 
(I was sort of worried because I only tried out no.23 and didn't get to try the no.21 when I was testing the product as a tester)
I was such a relief because the color wasn't that dark. 
In fact, the color matched a lot better on me than no.23. 

Also, I personally consider the protection level of ultraviolet rays very important. 
It was really annoying that I had to apply the foundation without having applied the sun cream in the morning because I was always busy in the morning. But Sooryehan Dabityoon Jiyoon Powder is SPF 30, PA++. I think I am going to really like this product. 

The instruction manual says that this product is an oriental compact that maintains a comfortable skin with its moist feeling  and also a compact that expresses a bright and soft look on the face, for it contains amethyst pearl powder and various other precious ingredients. 
It is known to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and maintain a clean makeup very naturally with its outstanding level of adhesion. 

The amethyst pearl powder really catches my eyes. 
I would have to actually try out the product to find out whether it really maintains the makeup for a long time. Anyway, the soft and moist feeling, the bright and soft expression of the skin and the level of adhesion seem to be true. 

Anyway, I personally really like this product. 

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