Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sooryehan Dabityoon Jiyoon Two Way Cake

Sooryehan Dabityoon Jiyoon Two Way Cake 

This is Sooryehan Dabityoon Jiyoon Two Way Cake, a product that I tried using secretly away from my mom. I wasn't very greedy about having cosmetics before, but I've become greedy about owning cosmetics after using the Sooryehan Dabityoon Jiyoon Two Way Cake. 
It was my first time to try out the Sooryehan's product and it really had a great level of adhesion!

This is how the product looks like. It had a lot of gorgeous pictures on it just like the name of the brand. (Sooryehan means gorgeous or beautiful in Korean)
Even though it's not a very popular product among young people, 
I always prefer Sooryehan's Two Way Cake. 

The one that I am currently using is no.21.
Even though it doesn't look that fancy or anything, it really has an amazing level of adhesion. 

I think it's a perfect product for those people who want softness and a bit of moisture on their skin because it's not too soft and has a great sense of moisture. 

Also, it seems to cover the blemishes very well. 

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