Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sooryehan Hyo Fermented Essence 40ml

Sooryehan Hyo Fermented Essence 40ml

Sooryehan, which is one of the most famous brands in South Korea for fermented cosmetics, has released a limited version of the Art Collaboration Hyo Fermented Essence Set for celebrating the beginning of year 2012. 

It came along with the new year's calendar. 
The artworks of six artists are on one side and there is the calendar on the other side. You can see two months at a time. The calendar is kind of small because there are two months in one page, but I think it's good for planning a long-term plan. 

Unlike the previous packages, 
Sooryehan Hyo Fermented Essence has a pretty picture of peony blossom on it. 
The design that looks like  an embroider figure looks very luxurious. 

The Hyo Fermented Essence and the essence for enhancing the wrinkles, eye cream, fermented cream and free gifts (sleeping pack) are in the box. 
I really like the composition of the set. 

Just like its name 'Art Collaboration', the package of the product was so much more beautiful this time. There was a pattern of flowers on the bottom of the product and the colorful patterns of flowers were on the top. 
It's a kind of bottle that I want to have. 

It's a pumping-type product. 

It's round and it fits in one hand. 
The volume is 40ml and I think's it's fairly huge. 

I was worried that it would have a sour smell because it contains vinegar.
But it was an oriental smell that wasn't sour. 
At first, I was not very used to the oriental smell because I was very much used to the non-oriental cosmetics. But the smell seems to calm down my mind because it's a mild oriental smell that's not very irritating. 

The color was sort of brown and transparent and the texture was quite watery. 
It was very good because I was able to feel a lot of moisture to the point that I can use it during winter. My skin has become smooth right away when I tapped in the essence into my skin. 

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