Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sooryehan Yunha Boyun Essence 45ml

Sooryehan Yunha Boyun Essence 45ml

I am currently using Sooryehan's products these days because they seem to match very well on me. I try to use all sorts of products and I bought the Sooryehan Yunha Boyun Essence this time because I finished using the Secret Plan Whitening Essence that I had been using before. 

I applied this cream in the morning today and it seems to match very well on me. 

They gave me the samples and they also gave me the gift set when I bought this product 

1. Sooryehan Yunha Boyun Essence 45ml

2. Yunha massage cream 40ml

3. Yunha eye cream 10ml

4. Yunha cream 10ml

5. Yunha elasticity cream 10ml

These are the products that came along. 
They gave me the Sooryehan Yunha Moisturizing Cream (10ml) + 4 original products. 

Sooryehan Yunha Boyun Essence had a refreshing oriental smell.
I had been avoiding oriental cosmetics because I am super sensitive to smell. 
But Sooryehan Yunha Boyun Essence made me feel refreshing with its refreshing oriental fragrance. 

It seems to be a bit more watery than other essences, 
but I am continuously using it because I personally like the sense of moisture that it provides.
I personally think it matches extremely well on me because I have an oily skin. 

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