Sunday, March 31, 2013

Swanicoco Fermentation EGF Ampoule

Swanicoco Fermentation EGF Ampoule

Swanicoco Fermentation EGF Ampoule
Today, I brought Swanicoco Fermentation EGF Ampoule, which is known to be a product that is even used at the hospital. Let's try to make our skin healthy with Swanicoco Fermentation EGF Ampoule.

This is the Swanicoco's EGF Repair Ampoule. 
This product is known as a highly-enriched fermentation cosmetics that doesn't contain any purified water. It's an ampoule has only used advanced ingredients. 

Swanicoco Cell Repair One Step~

The volume is 40ml. 

The product is in a very luxurious box and I think it matches very well with the product that has been made with advanced ingredients. 
It should be good for a gift. 

The container also has a very classy feeling. 
Swanicoco Fermentation EGF Ampoule contains over 90% of EGF and it's an ampoule that has a 100% purity. It's an ampoule that is made in a way to allow the user to feel the pure EGF in the product because it doesn't contain other extracts. 

It's a safe and skin-friendly ampoule that contains a great amount of natural extracts and is a product that has excluded the chemical ingredients as much as possible. 
The product doesn't contain colors, artificial fragrance, chemical preservatives, steroids, alcohol, mineral oil, paraben and benzophenone. 

The EGF helps to enhance the damaged skin and is known to make the skin stronger.
The EGF Ampoule is known to protect the skin from external stimulation. 
Now, let's find out what EGF is all about. 
They play the role for accelerating the enhancement of cells with 53 proteins
and these are also the aqueous ingredients of epidermal and  endodermis cells that synthesizes collagen. For such reasons, it can be considered as an ampoule that outstanding effects for enhancing the damaged skin. It is known to apply enhancements on the skin when the skin gets damaged. It is also known to induce the movements when the skin lacks epidermal cells. 

Shall we now try Swanicoco Fermentation EGF Ampoule?
I really liked it because I was able to use it in a very clean way because it was a dropper-type product. 

 The dropper is not attached to the lid. 
The dropper comes out when you press the top of lid. 

Swanicoco EGF Repair Ampoule

You can use it by dropping the appropriate amount because the texture is very watery. 
You can also use it several times with a small amount. 

I was able to feel a tremendous amount of moisture right after I applied it on the back of my hand. It didn't have much smell. In fact, I can say that it doesn't have any smell. 
The people who created this product tested this EGF on rats in nanogram and it had reached up to their dermis. It applied very well and it got absorbed very well. But it felt sort of crispy after applying the product on my skin. 

I liked it because it got absorbed very quickly and also because it wasn't glossy on the skin. 
It also made my skin very smooth after some time. Also, it didn't have any stickiness. 
Perhaps it was because it's the pure EGF that doesn't contain other extracts that it felt very mild on the skin. However, the concentration level of this product is known to be more dense than other EGF cosmetics. I personally think Swanicoco Fermentation EGF Ampoule is a great product for those people who have a skin that's sensitive to chemical ingredients and also for those people who want to provide moisture to their skin immediately. 

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  1. Attractive price !! Attractive product !!

  2. Mailed from Korea... Product look great and is worth the price