Sunday, March 31, 2013

Swanicoco Aloe Moisture Soothing Gel

Swanicoco Aloe Moisture Soothing Gel

Swanicoco is famous for their natural cosmetics. 
I would like to introduce Swanicoco Aloe Moisture Soothing Gel to you today. 


If you look at the ingredients on the back, it says that it contain natural aloe, lonicer aflower, ginkgo leaf, Hyaluronic Acid, which is an ingredient that's known to maintain the moisture and flexibility of the skin, marine collagen, licorice, green tea and willow tree extracts.
I think the ingredients are pretty nice. 

[How to use]
After applying the toner, take out the appropriate amount and gently apply it on your entire face and tap it to let it get absorbed into the skin.

Let me first introduce the mouth. 

The size of the mouth is not too big nor too small. 

The gel isn't that watery. It didn't run down very easily. 
It didn't have any smell.

It was a lot more moist than ordinary moisturizing gels and it didn't have any stickiness.
As you can see, my skin became very soft when I tapped it several times. 
It got absorbed into the skin very quickly. 

Let's take a took at the viscosity. 



I gave three stars for this product because there wasn't anything that I was not very satisfied about. It was actually a pretty nice product. 
I tend to avoid products that have a lot of oil in it because I have dry skin that lacks moisture. 
This product didn't have much oil and it was very moist. Perhaps it's because it's an aloe gel. 
I really like this product because it got absorbed into the skin very quickly. 

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  1. Everyone could be loved this product when they use it.