Sunday, March 31, 2013

Swanicoco Organic Herbal Care 500ml(Oriental herbal shampoo)

I would like write a quick review on Swanicoco Organic Herbal Care. 

The products that have been released recently are the shampoo, body cleanser and the foam cleaner. I just skipped the review on the packaging because it's always wrapped very nicely. 

 It's an oriental herb shampoo. 
I am always satisfied with their products, but the case is sort of disappointing. 
It would have been better if they used the traditional patterns or the design like other products that are out there in the market. 

I asked this when one of my friend was working at a public relations office. 
She told me that it costs a lot of money to change their product design. 
I personally think it's something that they should pay more attention to. 

 Whether the cosmetics is chemical or natural is decided 
by whether it contains petroleum surfactants or not. 
This product doesn't irritate the scalp at all because it has completely removed petroleum. 

I poured the content and it looked like this. 
It is known to contain ginseng, chlorella and various herbs. 

I was able to create the foam very smoothly on my hands. 
Unlike what I've expected, it created a lot of foam because it is a product 
that contains chemical surfactants. 

 This is the body cleanser. 
I used to get a lot of stress because the dead skin usually came off right after taking a shower. 
I guess this happened because I have such a dry skin. 

This product doesn't cause any trouble on your face even if some of the ingredients are remained on your skin because it has reduced the chemical surfactants as much as possible. 

The liquid was sky blue. 
It had the menthol and herb fragrance. 
It would have been better if they released this product in summer. 

I've been using the Japanese products because I am very fond of peach smell. 
Perhaps my skin has become dry because I got so addicted to that smell. 
They probably would have put in a lot of ingredients to create that smell. 

There was a phrase that really caught my eyes!
It is known to remove the dirt from your skin very easily because it contains citric acid. 
I guess I won't have to rub my skin with the flannel anymore. 

People say that it may not create that much foam because it doesn't have chemical surfactants in it. However, it was very smooth and created a lot of foam. 

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  1. I recommend this product. It is very excellent quality compared with price.