Sunday, March 31, 2013

Swanicoco Fermentation Body Lotion 300ml

A recommended body lotion of Swanicoco :)

I am sure those people who are interested in natural cosmetics or cosmetics that have good ingredients in it would have heard about Swanicoco. Swanicoco's cosmetics are actually not 100% natural organic cosmetics. It's not necessarily true that it's good cosmetics just because it contains natural ingredients. You always have to consider the collisions of the ingredients, safety and whether it irritates the skin or not. It's known that Swanicoco only inserts absolutely necessary chemical ingredients, such as emulsifier, PH control agent and etc.

Swanicoco is a company that produces nano-fermentation cosmetics through their own laboratories and manufacturers instead of using the OEM method. 

I'll now introduce Swanicoco Cell-Repair One-step Intensive Moisturizing Fermentation Body Lotion to you. It's so hard to memorize the name because it's so long. 
I visited their website and the website simply described this product as a fermentation body lotion. 

[Swanicoco Fermentation Body Lotion - Volume: 300ml / Price: 28,800 KRW / Recommended skin types: Dry skin, the tired skin of the body, sensitive skin]

It fills up the nutrition and moisture, provides moisture to the skin that's been damaged by ultraviolet rays or dry environment and helps to enhance the rough and weak skin clean and clear. 

No colors / No artificial fragrance / No chemical preservatives / No steroids / No alcohol / No mineral oil / No paraben No benzophenone

The expiration date is 2 years before unsealing. It's recommended that you use it within six months after unsealing. The expiration is only six months after unsealing because it's a product that has minimized the chemical ingredients. I should be able to finish it in six months because it's only 300ml. 

The pump comes out when you turn it counterclockwise. 
A lot of body lotion comes out because the hole is quite big. 
However, you need to pump it two to three times if you want to apply it on your entire body. 

The product contains yeast/fermented filtrates of green tea extracts, ginkgo leaf water, aloe vera leaf, sunflower seeds, olive oil, jojoba seed oil and natural moisturizing ingredients. These ingredients provide moisture to the skin and create a smooth skin by providing the nutrition.

Especially, the fermented extracts help to create a flexible skin by providing moisture to the skin.  It is a great product for those people who have sensitive skin on their body because it contains a lot of natural ingredients. You can simply apply the product on your body as if you are giving a massage and gently tap it to let it get absorbed in the skin. 

My skin was very rough and dry before applying Swanicoco Fermentation Body Lotion. 
But it became extremely shiny and moist after applying the product. 
The photograph is out of focus because I took it with a standard lens. 

I encourage you to supplement moisture to your skin by using Swanicoco Fermentation Body Lotion if you have a kind of skin that's sensitive to chemical ingredients. 

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