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Etude House Good bye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence 20ml

Etude House Good bye Pore
Ever Pore Primer Essence 20ml

Etude House Good bye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence  20ml

- A smart item for a smooth and tender skin

 It covers the pores and absorbs the sebum at the same time.
It creates a smooth skin without curves.
A clean make-up for a long period of time.
It creates a make-up in a high level of adhesion

How to use: Apply an appropriate amount evenly on your pores after the skin care 

Let's me introduce Etude House Good bye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence, a product that I had been using for over two months. I was a bit too lazy to write my review.  I finished using Etude Moisture Collagen Primer and I bought this when I went to an Etude House store with my friend. Shall we take a look at how great the primer function is?

I think Etude House's designs are always unusual~
The essence is in this sort of box. The product description is on the back and they tell you how and where to use it. 

The case is in a sky-blue case and has yellow dot patterns with a cherry red lid.
It's really cute. The entrance hole is really small. The reason why the entrance hole is so small is because it is applied on affected areas. 


It's really easy to carry around because it's very small.
I won't have many chances to you use it when I am carrying around a primer, but it's still good because it doesn't take up much space on your dressing table. 



  There is a bit of viscosity. 
It is known to contain silky polymer gel and it's a little sticky when you touch it. 

The color is in light beige and the texture is sort of like a gluey lotion.
It applies softy and evenly on to the skin and it has a bit of oily finish. As you can see on the photograph, the back of my hands was a bit shiny after all. You'll be able to see a bigger difference on the last photograph. It's recommended that you apply a small amount on to the skin because your BB cream or foundation may not apply very well if you put to much of it. 


Well.. I put some essence on my nose and cheek because the pores near my nose were quite big and swelling. You won't be able to see world of difference. I was a little disappointed by the product as well. I've been thinking "is this is really a pore primer?". LOL
It covers up the pores a little but the pore didn't enhance dramatically or anything.
The foundation didn't get jammed because it had removed the curves a bit. 


This is when put the on BB cream. The pores are hidden very well.. maybe it's because of the BB cream's covering capability. I am not quite sure about the function as a primer. Your skin will get extremely oily if you apply too much! I think this product has a bit more oiliness than many other primers. Also, the function of a primer, which I believe is an important factor, was quite disappointing! I bought this product in curiosity.. perhaps I should have bought something else.


Even through the price of the product is very cheap, it's not very satisfactory to be used as a primer because of its poor covering capabilities of the pores. It makes the curves a bit smoother, and the BB cream and the foundation are less jammed in the pores as compared to when I've applied them after the skin care. Those people who have oily skins may feel a bit more oiliness. Even though I have an extremely dry skin, the product makes my skin quite oily on days that I've put on this primer. I used this product out of curiosity, but it's not highly recommended for those who want to cover up their pores because its function as a primer isn't that outstanding. . 

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