Sunday, February 17, 2013

HERA Age Away Primer Base SPF15 30ml

HERA Age Away Primer Base SPF15 30ml

This is the base product that just came from HERA. 
I've been using the precious base before and 
I've been thinking about changing to that product. 
But the precious base disappeared. 
It realized that they've redesigned their product to this. 
I've considered over many times for buying this product because I have a bad memory about their renewal. 


I found out that they've actually added the primer function 
and put 10ppm of 24k gold to this product. 

I don't usually use a primer because I have a dry skin and do not have pores. 
And the primer didn't seem to help me very much because I prefer the gloss effect of the skin. 
But the primer of this product is known to help cover the wrinkles rather than pores. 


The bottle is made of plastic and it's very clean because it's a pumping-type product like other products. 

 The color is pink and one of the colors was same with the precious base. 
I usually use the pink base because my face is pretty white and pale. 
I can create a vital skin tone in this way. :)

This is when I've applied the product. Even though it doesn't enhance the skin tone that dramatically or anything, it makes the skin bright quite a bit. I would give my points for this product because it provides the level of adhesion that foundations give. As you can see in the photograph, it was not able to cover the fine wrinkles. 
(It would be a bit too much to ask for things like that)

But for a person like me who likes gloss effects, 
it wasn't as good the precious base. 
This product would be perfect for those people who like
doing makeups that are soft and smooth. 


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