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HERA Age Away Twin Cake 10g

HERA Age Away Twin Cake 10g


Today, I brought a product that Tae Hee Kim is advertising these days!
Age Away series are extremely famous for its anti-aging effects.

The name of the product is HERA Age Away Twin Cake and the one that purchased was
no.21 natural beige. 

I unwrapped the product and it looked like this!!


The samples on the side is the foundation, primer base and the modifier LX 
that are in the same series. 

First of all, the case of the product looks very tidy!


It's a product that protects ultraviolet rays, 
which I believe is most important during summer and all seasons!!

I'll now open the case. 
Please compare it to the size of the samples~

 It also has a very soft puff~
I am always a little sad when I am using these soft puffs for the first time
because I want to continue to feel its softness. LOL


This product has three different colors, which are no.13 light beige, no.21 natural beige and no 23 true beige. No.21 is probably the color that are used most frequently. 


The photograph on the bottom is the photograph that has opened the case to its fullest. 
Some people consider these stuff as well~

It's sort of difficult when the mirror open opens in 90 degrees. 
It looks like you won't have to worry about such things for this product. 



It's very comfortable because there is a transparent plastic lid
in between the puff and the twin cake. 



I'll now look through the distinct characteristics of 
Age Away Twin Cake. 

First of all, it is known to turn your skin into a velvet-like skin by covering the fine wrinkles. 
The diamond complex power cover the pores and the fine wrinkles on your face. 
And it also has a very moist touch!!

 As I've mentioned above, 
the particles are extremely fine~

The powder tends to fly when the particles are big. 
But you won't have to worry about such things for this product!!
The particles are extremely fine~
and it has such a great touch!!


I put some on my finger and applied on the back of my hand. 

As you can see, it is extremely soft and applies to the skin very thinly 
because the particles are really small.

I should also mentioned the smell!
Even though it's has the smell of cosmetics, it's quite delicate and it's 
not a bad smell~
I think the smell matches very with the image of HERA. LOL


I think it's also very good for reapplying~
Can you tell the difference between the area that has applied the product and the area with nothing on? As you can see, it doesn't create a border. 

It's not really clear in the photograph, but
it feels very soft and 
you can see that it is actually covering up the fine wrinkles.
The area on the right in the photograph below is the area that I've applied the product. 
Can you see how it had covered the winkles on the back of my hand?


Well.. Let me mention a few things that I was disappointed about. 
The area on the bottom bulged out a little when the twin cake went in. 
I personally like it to be flat~
Even though the bulging area is not really inconvenient or anything..
It's just a personal preference on my mine. LOL


So that was my first review on HERA's product. 
I have seen this product many times through the advertisements and even though it's a
famous product, it was my first time to use this product~

I think the quality of the product is really good!
The image of the product may not match very well with 
those people who are in their twenties, but
it's true that you have to use a product that's good for the skin.

Advertisement, the model of the advertisement and the concept of the brand are all important factors for creating the image of a brand. But for me, the feeling that I felt for the first time is very important. That feelings lasts for a long time and that feeling doesn't change very easily for me.

My first feeling on HERA's product was very satisfactory. :)
I'll now end my review here~

Click here to purchase the product.


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