Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HERA Homme multi BB cream 70ml SPF34 PA++

HERA Homme multi BB cream 70ml SPF34 PA++


 It's been quite a while since I wrote my review. I've got so many reviews that I need to post from next week. The product that I am going to introduce is HERA Homme multi BB cream 70ml SPF34 PA++. 

Perhaps it's because of the influences of those men who are pretty that 
a lot of men these days use a BB cream. 
Of course, it's very easy to find guys who use BB cream 
and even foundations these days. 

I was also a BB-holic holic when I was a student, 
but I am currently using other products. 



In fact, I thought HERA was a brand that mothers use. 
But it makes me think that I was wrong when I see those products that are being released in the HOMME series and those advertisements where famous men celebrities appear. 

The volume of HERA Homme multi BB cream 70ml SPF34 PA++ is 70ml. 
HERA's products usually look very luxurious 
and I think the HOMME series look even more urban and  neat. 

The thing that I would like mention about this product is that it's a multi-product
that has the function of protecting ultraviolet rays. 
It's a product that has SPF for everyday sun care and whitening effects.
Many products that are being released these days have sun care effects, but we actually had to apply a sun care product and apply many other products on top of that in the past. For such reasons, it was extremely suffocating during summer. 
This is a product that I really want to recommend for those guys who do not like applying many products on their face. 


It's very easy to control the amount because it's a tube-type product. I am sure that guys will love this. It can be used in a very clean way. 
But you should never apply too much. 


I took a look at the content. The color was dark ivory + gray
and the texture was very watery. 
I compared the color with other products. 
The product was definitely more watery and bright compared to 
Whan Men's Cloaking Concealer or HANSKIN's covering products. 

I am sure that guys should be able to use this product because 
it has a soft spotty smell. 

As mentioned above, I was worried that I might look like girlish guy because the color was too bright. The result was.. I should say that it didn't make me look like I actually applied the product. 
In fact, I only applied a little, 
but the skin had calmed down and the skin tone was corrected. 
I think this much effect is enough because it's a product for guys. 


 I tested the product's covering capabilities. 
It didn't have dramatic covering capabilities because the texture itself was very watery and also because it was a product designed for the overall whitening of the skin and correction of the skin tone. However, I think it should be able to provide you a minimum cover up of the skin and correction of the skin unless you have a really terrible skin. 

Why don't you try to change and protect your dark and rough skin from the hot sun with daily sun care and skin correction?
It's a highly recommended product for those guys who love to go on vacations!!


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  1. Anyway this product is awesome at such a low price! Very natural and even coverage,

  2. I recommend this product. It is very excellent quality compared with price.

  3. Shipping was faster than I think.