Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HERA Sun Mate Pact SPF40 12g

HERA Sun Mate Pact SPF40 12g

The powerful ultraviolet rays protection and the bright expression of the skin. 
The thin and transparent tissue powder that has enhanced the level of adhesion gets spread on the skin to provide a powerful protection of ultraviolet rays and enhance the durability of the protection.It covers the pores with its even spreading and dual scattering pore treatment to create a smooth skin and the lovely pink color and delicate pearl yellow color provides a bright expression of the skin . Also, the smart pore control powder maintains a bright and clear skin with its outstanding effects for removing the sebum.

Portability and convenience
As a pact-type powder, it can be reapplied on the skin anywhere and it's very easy 
to be reapplied on top other sunblocks or makeups. 

The selection of the finish you want
No.1 Bright Finish: The combination of the vital and cute pink color and the lively yellow covers the dark areas to help you create a bright skin tone. 
No.2 Natural Finish: The combination of natural beige and delicate pink that create a natural skin tone help you create a transparent skin tone. 

* View of the product

No.2 natural finish

It's a product that doesn't get bend back completely.


The soft powder puff is quite small. 

The combination of natural beige and delicate pink!
It should be able to express a clear skin. 

It should be able to make my skin brighter because it contains pearls. 

My skin should take the product very well without lumping up because the particles are very fine. 

I think it's a perfect product that will make your skin refreshing especially during summer
when your skin becomes dirty by sweat and sebum.

What I like the most about this product is
the product's powerful ultraviolet rays protection!1

The level of protection for ultraviolet rays is SPA 50+ PA+++!!


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  1. I use it day and night. Hope I can be more beautiful.

  2. Everyone could be loved this product when they use it.

  3. I bought a long time is the pentagram is satisfied.