Friday, February 22, 2013

IOPE For Men Power Aging Emulsion

IOPE For Men Power Aging Emulsion


IOPE For Men Power Aging Emulsion 

It's been quite a while since I bought some cosmetics for my husband. 
This is the IOPE For Men Power Aging Emulsion that I bought with my husband after the long hours of shopping. 

My husband has a dry skin and he also has pimples on his face. 

Also, I don't like the smell of perfumes..
This was something to think about when I was buying this product. LOL


IOPE For Men Power Aging Emulsion 

Volume: 120ml 

IOPE For Men Power Aging Emulsion 100ml - Pump-type


I first tested IOPE For Men Power Aging Emulsion on my skin .

It's anti-aging skin that has long-lasting moisturizing effects, effects for calming down the dead skin cells and wrinkle enhancement effects. The gel was quite watery and moist. 

It is known to provide flexibility and moisture to the skin
because it takes care of men's dryness and wrinkles. 

This skin is known as a luxurious and moist gel-type skin. 
My husband told me that it was actually more moist than what he'd expected. 

 It was actually sort of wrong to compare it with women's skin. 
I applied it and the emulsion was very flexible and shiny~!
It wasn't very matt or anything. My husband told me that it was all very good. 
The refreshing feeling that's only in men's skin was very nice and it was very good because it didn't seem to irritate the skin or the pimples on the face. 

 I'll talk about the or Men Power Aging Emulsion now. 
I think it's really good because it's a pumping-type product. 
You know how guys don't like to make things complicated. 

Especially, the emulsion had the function of continuously providing moisture to the skin, enhancing the skin and increasing the flexibility of the skin. 

You know.. guys also have to take care about moisture and flexibility of the skin these days. 
I was hoping that it gave a lot of moisture to my husband's skin. LOL


The emulsion seemed to provide more moisture than the skin. 
The area that has applied the emulsion and the area with nothing on really did make a huge difference. It definitely seemed to create a moisture layer on the surface of the skin. 
I personally liked the emulsion the most. 

My husband has been using this product for about a month. 
My husband is very satisfied with it. 
It can be used my those people who have a dry skin and also those who have troubles on their skin. More than anything else, the emulsion was really good for my husband's dry skin. 
What was a little disappointing was that the smell was a bit too strong. You know.. I don't really like the smell of perfumes. But I got used to the smell after all. 
I would like to recommend this product if you are looking for a cheap men's product that has outstanding effects. LOL

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