Friday, February 22, 2013

IOPE Body Clinic Shaping Effecter

IOPE Body Clinic Shaping Effecter

This is IOPE Body Clinic Shaping Effecter 
that makes your body have flexibility. 

Name of the product: Body Clinic Shaping Effecter 
(A body shaping serum that brings back the attractive body line 
by tidying and relaxing the swollen areas.)

Volume: 250ml

Characteristics of the product:
- Vegetable caffeine : It makes the uneven body attractive and beautiful. 
- Slim Tea Complex: It helps to create a balanced body with flexibility with its outstanding shaping effects. 
- Relieves the unnecessary swollen areas: It prevents dullness of the body line and  provides a light feeling.
- A refreshing gel-type serum: It applies very refreshingly and gets absorbed immediately into the skin. It doesn't stain your clothes or is sticky even if you wear your clothes. 

How to use: Apply the product on the areas that you are worried about after
doing your exercises or after taking a shower. 


I crushed the box by a mistake. 
The silver and the blue
give a very refreshing feeling. 

It's a very slim shaping effector. 
It has a very nice grip because the area in the middle is caved in. 

The product was manufactured on June of year 2011. 
You need to use it within 12 months after unsealing. 
It says that I need to use it within a year. 
The product is a little old
because it's a product that one of my friend gave me on September last year. 


It's a pumping-type product.
It's really easy to control the amount because the  the mouth is very small. 

This is the amount that came out when I pumped it three times. 
It's non-transparent liquid with the light-blue color. 

The texture is quite watery and it runs down very easily. 
I gel got absorbed into the skin
while I was taking the photographs. 

 The photograph on the left was taken on June 8th and 
the one on the right was taken on June 21st. 
I took the photographs for about two weeks. 

I applied it after taking a shower everyday. 
The area on the left didn't have much flexibility and
it was sort of loose because of edema. 

I didn't do any exercises recently because I had a lot of assignments 
and also because I was having my finals.
I walked to school everyday for about an hour and I also did yoga for 30 minutes everyday. 

Even though I didn't do much exercises recently, 
the my leg became a lot more smooth and flexible. 

It was 16 inch on June 8th and 
it has been reduced to 15.4 inch on June 21st. 

I personally think you should be able to see a dramatic result if you 
use this product and do the exercises together.
By looking at how it had its effects even when I reduced the amount of exercises, 
it does seem to help to relieve the edema and swollen areas. 



Texture: ★★★★★ Watery gel-type
The texture is extremely water and it runs down very easily. 
It's very good to spread it on the skin. 

Absorption: ★★★★★ Extremely fast
It got absorbed into the skin while I was giving a massage. 
It has a powdery finish. 

The function of body shaping: ★★★★★ Very good
It relives the swollen areas and help you have flexibility. 
You can resolve the cerolite problems and the uneven lines if you let it absorb while giving a massage. 

Fragrance: ★★★★☆ Menthol
A delicate menthol fragrance. 
A refreshing smell. 


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