Friday, February 22, 2013

IOPE MILD CLINIC Brightening Cream

IOPE MILD CLINIC Brightening Cream

My face is extremely colorful these days. 
I feel like my face is going to become the face of a rattlesnake. 
My skin is becoming dark as I am getting old. 
I am afraid that I might have to go look for a dermatologist. 

Well.. Going to the dermatologist would be my final choice because it's a little scared. 
I should be taking a good care of my skin with SK2 Facial Essence which will be in my hands when my sister comes back from her honeymoon. SK2 Facial Essence was a such an amazing product. 

My skin was becoming extremely sensitive to the extent that I cannot apply any cosmetics on  my skin and IOPE MILD CLINIC Brightening Cream was the product that I used. 
I use different products for my skin depending on the condition of my skin. 



IOPE MILD CLINIC Brightening Cream Review

IOPE MILD CLINIC series are really good for the sensitive skin and I don't know why they aren't advertising their products. Is it because IOPe is retinol. 

I am getting fat and my skin has become extremely sensitive 
due to the stress, overtime work, eating too much and drinking. 

Who am I talking about? Yes.. it's me. 


The container looks simple. 
It has a white background and the lid is in a pastel tone. It reminds me of those product that they use in hospitals. 

IOPE MILD CLINIC Sun Protector, 
IOPE MILD CLINIC Brightening Cream also has a sticker that has the expiration date written on it attached to it. 

It's such a great idea. I like it. 


My skin is extremely dry and sensitive with all these troubles. 
I took this photograph about four days ago and it's still the same. 

I applied the amount that I used to apply before I went to sleep and I felt the tension on my face in the morning. Ordinary people get this natural oil on their nose and face when they wake up in the morning.But I've never had them in my life. LOL

I started using IOPE MILD CLINIC Brightening Cream from April 15th
 and I must tell you that it's very mild on the skin. 
It doesn't irritate the skin at all and it applies very smoothly. 

I only applied the brightening cream and the sun cream in the same series in the morning and went to work. Will my skin calm down next week?
I do not want to make any appointments this week. :(

Rating 5/5
Perfect score!
You're really awesome.


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