Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Laneige Makeup Primer Sebum Control

Laneige Makeup Primer Sebum Control

What do you think is the most important thing when you are doing the base makeup?
There can be many things, such as the covering capability, durability, the level of adhesion, moisture and how well it applies to the skin, but I personally think the level of adhesion is the most important factor. 

I feel that level of adhesion is extremely important as I grow older and as I continuously do my makeups. The level of adhesion becomes more and more important when the weather gets cold and dry like these days. I've been wondering about how to solve this problem and tried using the 'Laneige Makeup Primer Sebum' that I brought from South Korea. My skin looked a lot more smooth and it enhanced the foundation's level of adhesion. So I would like to introduce this product for you. :)

 This is how the product loos like. 
It's in a white box and the box has the design of white flowers. I think it matches very well with Laniege's concept of 'The secret of snow crystal'. 

This is the back of the product's box. 
An oil primer that corrects the uneven areas of the skin and enhances the durability of your makeup with the smooth expression of the skin - 
It's a product that produced by Laneige, which is a subsidiary company of Amore Pacific. :)

 The pink color inside the box always makes me feel good. 
I don't know why it looks so pretty. LOL
The box contains the product and the instruction manual. 

 As you can see, It's a tube-type product. 
It's all white. The only thing that's transparent is the lid. 
I personally think the overall design is really nice. It has has a very nice grip. 

The marine extracts controls the secretion of sebum and creates a smooth skin for the entire day. Also, the fixing gel covers the uneven areas of the skin to provide a silky protection layer on the surface of the skin. It helps your makeup to last for a long time. 
It's a great product to use when you want to enhance durability of the makeup on your glossy t-zone or when you want to hide the uneven areas of the skin. 

 The lid is a screw-type. 
You can open it by simply turning the lid. 
The mouth is not too big or too small. 


I put some on the back of my hand. 
It's a translucent gel-type texture. 


It ran down after a certain amount of time. 
Gel-type.  Gel-type product are usually a little sticky.
But this product wasn't sticky at all. It's really amazing. :)


 I spread it on the back of my hand. 
It's really glossy. Maybe I used too much. 
It applies very smooth on the skin. 

 I took some off because it looked like it was too much. 
It fills in the gap in between the wrinkles on the back of my hand. 
The smooth feeling was really nice after it got absorbed into the skin. 

This is when I've completely spread the product by tapping my skin. 
I reapplied the foundation and powder on the top. 
The soft and smooth feeling was really impressive. 

The product didn't have any covering capability because it's a primer. :)
The t-zone, which usually gets really glossy in the afternoon, remained to be smooth. 
I usually apply the foundation after the primer and my skin took the foundation so smoothly and it my makeup didn't come off! I think the durability got better because the level of adhesion got better. 

Of course, I tried using a primer before, but
I didn't do makeups after coming to the United States because it was sort of annoying. 
So I only applied a sun cream and the foundation. 
But the level of adhesion and my makeup's durability were definitely different when I applied the foundation after using a primer. 

However, I have one thing that I do not like about this product. 
You need to control the amount very carefully. Or else, your makeup will get pushed away when applying the foundation. The instruction says that I must apply only a little.  You really need to apply only a little. Or else, the base makeup will get pushed away. 


 I encourage you to use the makeup primer that enhances the level of adhesion 
if you want to enhance the durability when you're doing the base makeup. :)
You'll be able to experience an extremely smooth expression of the skin. 

Click here to purchase the product.

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