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Laneige Pore Tightening Essence

Laneige pore Tightening Essence

Laneige Pore Tightening Essence

I am worrying more about my skin as I am growing older. It's such a big problem for me!
I was able to feel that my skin is aging as I went through my mid-twenties. 
The pores were really a big trouble.. It makes my heart break whenever I see them.
I am I supposed to solve the skin problems on my nose and pores?

I am going to introduce a refreshing essence for those people who are worrying about the same thing. The name of this product is Laneige pore Tightening Essence. :)

Laneige pore Tightening Essence is an outstanding product that belongs in the pore trouble series. The pore purifying complex in this product will resolve your pore problems. 

Laneige pore Tightening Essence
As it is mentioned in the product's name, it's a essence that tightens the pores. 
It can be used for all skin types. Will it match on me who have a dry skin?
They used white for the background and used a crystal pattern for the product design. 
It looks really clean.:)

This is the back of the product.  It describes the product in detail. 
This product has gone through the dermatology test. I love phrases like these that give trust to the consumer. LOL You need to use this product within 24 months from the manufacturing date and you need to use it within 6 month after unsealing. I guess 6 months after unsealing isn't a big problem!!

Let's take out the product!

Ta-da~ The product comes along with the instruction manual. 
The product is in green. It looks better the more I look at it. LOL
The color isn't completely green. The blue and emerald color looks really pretty. 

The pore tightening essence that tightens and manages the pores!
It looks a bit different in this way. :)

The product gives you a very clean and refreshing feeling. It makes me feel that it's going to make my skin pretty!

Just like other skin care products of Laneige, 
the phrase 'the secret of snow water' is written on the lid. 
A lot of Leneige's skin care product used the glacial water from the Himalaya to make their products. I think this phrase ' the secret of snow water' matches very well. 

I opened the lid! It was very convenient to use because it had a pumping-type mouth. 
It pumped very smoothly and the size of the mouth is not too big or too small. 

Let's take a look at the texture!

This much came out when I pumped it once!
The texture is sort of similar to the Hydra-solution Essence and it's a bit more watery.
 Well.. by looking at that the texture didn't change when I let is stay on the back of my hand, I can say that it's pretty thick. 


I'll apply it on the back of my hand!

It applies very well on the skin. It applied so smoothly.
You should be able to cover your entire face with a small amount because it applies very well. 

I've spread the essence on the back of my hand and I am letting it get absorbed into the skin. 
It got absorbed pretty well too! And I didn't feel much dryness on the skin. 
I think this product can even be used by those people have dry skin because it's a product that's designed for all skin types. 

- Apply the amount in the diameter of 1.2 cm after using the emulsion in the morning and evening and tap it to absorb it into the skin. 

The effects that I've found by using this product was

[Source - Leneige's Website]

These are the photograph that I took after using it for about two weeks. 
You can see that the pores are tightening and the sebum being reduced. 
For such reasons, I am using it very hard. 

After watching the results above, 
I am applying this product particularly on my nose 
because sebum are mostly concentrated in that area. 
I can really feel the effects of this product! I've been using it for about three weeks and 
the amount of sebum that came out had definitely decreased. 
I should also upload that photograph, but it's really disgusting. :)

I hope those people who are worrying about their pores and sebum should definitely try out this product. it's a product that I strongly recommend. :)

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