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Laneige pore Clearing Essence

Laneige pore Clearing Essence


Laneige Pore Clearing Essence 

An essence that removes the dead skin cells on the pores and takes care of the troubles. 
Volume: 20ml

Pore: The hole that grows hair
You need to take care of the pores very well because it's very hard to get it back to the original state when it gets big. Most people overlook the health of the pores and merely focus on making their pores smaller. But in order to take care of your pores properly, it's extremely important that you take care of your dead skin cells and sebum!
You'll only be able to see the essence's effects properly
when you take care of the pores that are blocked by sebum and dead skin cells. 

Laneige Pore Clearing Essence is a product that you use before using the tightening essence. 
It's an essence that cleanses the pores that are blocked by the tremendous amount of dead skin cells. 


It's a slim tube container that has the blue-green gradation. 
It's really small and slim like a pen, but there is a lot of content in this tube container. 
It may look small because it's only 20ml, but it's actually not that small because you only apply it on the area that you need. 

It's very convenient to use because the tube container is very smooth and also because the mouth is very sharp. More than anything else, it's very easy to control the amount and you can you it in a very clean way. 


The chewy emulsion texture remains its shape on the skin 
and it's looks more thick than ordinary essences and emulsions. 
But it's not that watery on the skin and its very easy to apply on the skin .

It has this distinct refreshing fragrance of Laneige. I can say that the smell is a bit strong. 
But the smell doesn't last very long. The smell disappears when you apply the basic cosmetics. 


Even though it's not that much, it applies to the skin very refreshingly and moistly. 
It gets absorbed into the skin quite quickly and it gives a refreshing and soft finish. 
But I was not able to feel any dryness on the skin because the finish wasn't matt. 
Even though it finishes with a refreshing feeling, it rather seems to balance and oil. 

Most pore care products make you skin matt because they have the sebum control function.
Even though Pore Clearsing Essence is a pore care product, 
its impressive that it applies to the skin moistly and give a finish that isn't matt. 
Even though it's a product that matches very well with those people who have complex and oily skin, it can also be used by those people who have dry skin because it applies to the skin very moistly and also because it's not matt after it gets absorbed into the skin. 

It didn't disturb the absorption of other basic cosmetics and it didn't get pushed away because it had such a clean finish. 

 How to use

Apply the Pore Clearing Essence on a cotton bud after using the emulsion in the morning and in the evening and gently apply on the area of your pores that needs care. 
Wash your hands clean if you are using your hands to apply the product. 
If you are using it with the Pore Tightening Essence, you should use it before using that product. 

Most people apply the emulsion after the essence, 
but I think they are recommending it to use it after applying the emulsion because the texture of Pore Clearing Essence is thicker than the emulsion. I applied it before applying the essence because I don't usually apply the emulsion. 


I have a combination to oily skin that lacks moisture where the inside of the skin is extremely dry and the outside is oily. Even though I have a lot of sebum, I have a lot of dead skin cells to the extent that I can see them right after washing my face. I also have a lot of pores on my nose and cheek and I often get whiteheads and blackheads on these areas. 

I wanted to reduce the size of the photograph, but I just uploaded the photograph that has not been reduced because I couldn't see the pores and the dead skin cells near the pores in the reduced photograph. I hope you understand. :)


The most noticeable effect that I found by applying the Pore Clearing Essence was that 
it had removed the old dead skin cells that were near the pores. 
The dead skin cells seem to melt right away when I applied the product. 
The pores would be blocked when you have dead skin cells near the pores and
this can directly lead to skin troubles. I think it really does help to reduce the dead skin cells. 
Even though I have a combination to oily skin, I get a lot of whiteheads near my pores because I have a lot of dead skin cells. But I didn't see any whiteheads after using Pore Clearing Essence. It also seems to reduce the blackheads that are created by the oxidation of the waste in the pores. I think my pores have become a lot more transparent. The pores felt a lot more refreshing when I applied the product after doing the nose pack or the clay pack. 

It may be a bit too much to ask for the effects of sebum control or the reduction of pores, 
but my skin definitely did become less glossy when I applied the Pore Clearing Essence.
You should be able to take care of your pores almost perfectly 
if you use the Pore Essence after applying the Pore Clearing Essence. 

The pores would get big, become black, begin to have skin troubles and your skin would look dark and rough if you do not care of your pores because we are always exposed to the harmful living environment. 
Let us try to care of the pores that are blocked by dead skin cells and sebum
and make our pores clean and transparent. 


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