Monday, February 25, 2013

MAMONDE Total Solution Moisture Cream 50ml

MAMONDE Total Solution Moisture Cream 50ml

This is the product's box. 
The detailed description of the product is written on the back. 
Here are the ten things that this product helps to enhance. 

1. Wrinkle enhancement
2. Skin tone enhancement
3. Skin enhancement
4. Enhances the skin's level of resistance
5. Prevents the expansion of pores
6. Relieves the itchiness 
7. Enhancement of flexibility
8. Takes care of the dead skin cells
9. Relieves the tension of the skin
10. Restores the oil and moisture balance


This is how the product looks like. 
The case is in wine color and the volume is 50ml. 
You should use it within 12 months after unsealing. 



It surely does look like a great product. :)
Beans and camellia help to maintain the moisture for a long time. 



When you open it, there is this lid that is made of plastic. 
You can take it off simply by pulling it off. 

You should be able to use this product in a very clean way because it's a pumping-type product. 

This is the product's texture. 
It's very sticky and the shape remains even when I take my fingers apart. 


The texture isn't watery or anything. 
The cream doesn't run down even if you flip your hands over. 

It applies very smoothly and it's got a very nice smell. 


I applied it on my face. 
It applied very easily and it was very moist at the same time. 
But I was able to feel the oil to a certain extent. 
It seemed to have created a protection layer on the surface of the skin. 
It was a lot smoother than what I've expected and it was also sort of sily. 

There was no tension on my skin after a long time
and it was also very smooth even when I woke up in the morning. 
I am sure that your skin will become moist and flexible when you wash it off it warm water. :)

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