Monday, February 25, 2013

Mamonde High Lifting Cream 50ml

Mamonde High Lifting Cream 50ml


This is Mamonde's
High Lifting Cream. 

This product is known as a high lifting cream in which the 
the bean embryo extracts and vegetable protein get immediately absorbed into the skin. 

When you open it like this


there is this beige-colored  case.
It's really pretty!


The cream is sort of pink. 

 Just like its name 'high lifting cream', 
the cream is very solid. 

Even though the cream is solid, 
it gets absorbed into the skin very well 
when you spread it with your finger. 


It seems to provide moisture and
flexibility to the skin at the same time. :)

I personally think it would be wonderful product when you need to cover your skin with oil in cold weather so moisture and doesn't evaporate. 
To be frank, I wouldn't really use this product that much unless the weather is very cold
because I have dry skin. 

I personally think it's a great product for those people who have dry skin or those 
mothers who are in their forties and fifties 
who have lost much of their moisture on the skin. 

For such reasons, I use this product with my mother as well. 
I apply this cream on my skin before I go to sleep at night, hoping that I won't get wrinkles on my neck. 

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