Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SKINFOOD Black Raspberry Eye Cream 50g

SKINFOOD Black Raspberry Eye Cream 50g


The product that I am going to write my review as the fifth member of Food Mania
is SKINFOOD Black Raspberry Eye Cream. 
It's an eye cream with the function of wrinkle enhancement and a product that provides moisture deeply into the skin, for it contains black raspberry extracts, 12 Chinese herbs that were used in taking care of women's rough and dry skin from the past and adenosine, which is an effective substance for enhancing the wrinkles. 

How to use
Absorb the cream into the skin by tapping the areas nears your eyes with your fingertips after using the toner. 




This product is fairly cheap as an eye cream. 
I think teenagers and those people who are in their twenties are using this product a lot to prevent wrinkles on their face. I haven't been using eye creams because my eyes swelled up the next day. Well.. I should be using it now because I am already 25 this year. 

SKINFOOD Black Raspberry Eye Cream had been receiving a fairly good evaluation among the various road-shop eye creams along with the Salmon Brightening Eye Cream. :) It's also a steady seller and a best seller of Skinfood. 

It's also very hygienic because there is a plastic protection lid. 
But the product doesn't have a spatula in it. So you should use separate spatula if you are thinking about sharing it with your sister or someone else. 

 The texture of the cream is quite rich. It's a sort of texture that you can create a horn with it. The color of the cream is slightly pink. The color is very close to white. I guess the smell is quite delicate like the smell of delicate cosmetics. I cannot say that it smell. s like Chinese medicine.. It's a kind of smell that you are used to smelling it. 

It applies to the skin quite heavily because the product has high nutrition. 
I applies to the skin very well. :)

Even though you can create a horn with the cream, I don't think the texture is that rich. It has a very nice sense of moisture and it also contains the right amount of oil. :)
You shouldn't think that you don't have to use an eye cream just because you don't have any wrinkles on your face because you use eye creams to prevent them. 
The skin under your eyes are extremely thin and it's an area that gets irritated a lot because you do a lot of makeups and erase them a lot. 
I personally think that you should take care of your skin for the future beforehand. :)

I recommend SKINFOOD Black Raspberry Eye Cream 
for teenagers and for those who are in their twenties. :)

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