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SKINFOOD Lime Secret Shine Base

SKINFOOD Lime Secret Shine Base


SKINFOOD Lime Secret Shine Base No.65: Lime Pearl Green
Brand: Skinfood  Volume: 30g

A makeup base that protects the skin and expresses a bright and smooth skin tone 
because it contains lime ingredients. 

Main ingredients: Line essential oil (30mg)
Ingredients indicated on the product: Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Sodium Dehydroacetate

Please shake the product before using. (No.65 Lime Pearl Green)

It seems like a lot Skinfood reviews are coming up recently. LOL
Didn't I tell you guys that I've bought Skinfood last time? LOL

This is a product that I bought separately at the store!
I had a hard time deciding what to buy for a highlighter because I tend to like saint makeups. I actually like pearl base products more than highlighters because I belong in the grooming race!

I tried to buy the Holika product and the Skinfood product that Aura had written a review about. But I've decided to buy Skinfood~


 The product looks quite similar with other liquid-type highlighters!
It's made of glass and it's luxurious like most other Skinfood products.  It's sort of cheap too. (?) LOL

I bought the pearl green color!

The skin food logo is marked at the top of the product. 
The product was manufactured on March.15.2012 and it expires on August of 2014. 
As always, they didn't write down the the exact expiration date. LOL

Even though the applicator is stiff, it's made of flexible plastic. :)

 Please take a close look of the product's design and size!
My reviews are becoming really cheap and the photographs are also becoming very cheap these days. 


I placed the applicator with the content on the back of my hand!
The texture was definitely watery and it applied like a sun milk because it is liquid-type product. 

You can see the fine pearls in there~
I don't know how I should describe this smell. It was sort of like a sweat lime smell. LOL

 As with most other highlighters, it's also green and the color changes to a red wine golden color(?) while you're applying it!

Guys would have to be careful when using a highlighter because there are pearls in it. 
Also, they have to be careful of its golden color when applied too much!

My skin became extremely red when I've applied a lot when I started using a highlighter. 
The photograph after having used the product shows more light and pearls!

The wrinkles on my hand stand out a lot in the photograph. LOL



This is a photograph that has not been edited. Can you see those shiny pearls?

The pearls are a bit more finer than other highlighters
because it's a pearl base. 

I recommend a pearl base like this for those people who want to use a highlighter and want do the bare face makeup. LOL


Before using the product: Oh gosh. There is a big pimple next to my nose. LOL
I'll now use this product as a pearl base!


While using the product: I mixed the product with other skin correcting base product in 2:1.5 ratio because I really couldn't use this product as a pearl base. 


 After using the product: Please just ignore the skin correction! Even though the base that I am currently using is a little glossy and even though I cannot really feel a big difference, didn't it provide fine pearls and expressed a tiny bit of glossiness compared to not having used it at all? LOL

I usually apply it on the bottom of my lip, cheekbone, forehead, philtrum and nose 
when I am using it as a highlighter!

Even you can see the golden red color because I've reapplied them several times, it definitely looks dynamic. I encourage you to use only a little when using this product!

But it doesn't really show in reality. LOL

My personal evaluation: The effects are quite outstanding by considering its price. 
I highly recommended it for guys and for those people who want to do bare fare makeup because its natural highlighting effects are amazing. 
Even though its fine pearls are great, the expression of glossiness is a bit disappointing. 

Click here to purchase the product.

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