Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SKINFOOD Papaya Yogurt Mask Wash Off 100ml

SKINFOOD Papaya Yogurt Mask Wash Off 100ml


I wasn't feeling very well these days and this happened a few days ago. 
I was editing about 40 photographs on Photoshop and I suddenly saw a black screen. 
I was like what the hell? My mom was plugging out the speaker's wire and she plugged out the wire for the computer by a mistake. So I've lost all the photographs and the remaining photographs don't have captions on them. I hope that you understand. 

The product that I am going introduce today is SKINFOOD Papaya Yogurt Mask Wash Off, 
a product that will make my skin extremely moist!

The wrapping was so pretty.. but I still opened it. LOL

There is the Skinfood logo.

I opened it and it was a sort of product
that I've never seen in my life. 


I held it in my hand and it fit quite well. 



It was full of it. I was really surprised at first because it ran like crazy. 
I've expected it to be like a pudding. LOL

The inside looks like this. 
The cream is yellowish-green and it has green grains in it. 
The texture is sort of watery. It's exactly like a yogurt. 

 This is my face right after applying the product. 
Can you see those papaya grains?

I put the watch on my wrist because I remembered the instruction telling me that I have to wait for 10-15 minutes. Isn't my watch pretty? 

 This is after five minutes after applying the product.  I've expected it to be different, but it was pretty much the same. LOL

This is after washing it off. Doesn't it look cleaner? LOL
My skin is so rough and dry for my age. 

The smell was very refreshing. It wasn't irritating to the skin and it was also very moist. 
I usually wash my face, remove the dead skin cell, do the yogurt pack and wash them of after 15 minutes. This pack is also known to remove the dead skin cells, but it was that satisfactory. 
The skin became moist and smooth after washing it off. My skin didn't tighten up even if I didn't put on the lotion or skin. The grains would melt and disappear if you gently rub them while giving your massage. 

I wouldn't recommend this product for those people who do not like slippery products because this one doesn't get cleaned that well. I recommend it for those people with a dry skin whose skin get tightened a lot after washing the face. :)

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