Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SKINFOOD Royal Honey Mask

SKINFOOD Royal Honey Mask

 I would like to introduce SKINFOOD Royal Honey Mask today. 

This is how the product looks like. 
It has used a yellow container and I think it matches very well with the name 'royal honey'. 
You can control the amount very easily and can use it in a clean way because it's a pumping-type product. 

The royal honey that's in this product is known to be produced with  the honey that's collected from the flowers of southern Asia that are designated as the World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. It contains abundant vitamins, minerals and amino acids and
the royal black honey is known to be have outstanding antioxidant effects especially when the skin is dark. 



I took of photograph of the ingredients for those who are curious. 
Take a look to see if there are any ingredients that you should avoid. 

The content comes out like this when you pump it. It's not like it runs down from your hand right after you pump them out. 
It's not totally transparent. It's sort of non-transparent. 
You can't really feel the grains and it's very soft. 

 It sort of looks like this when you spread it on your skin. You can't see them very clearly because it became transparent. It sort of feels like oil, but it's less waterier than oil and it's also very soft. 

Apply the mask as if you are applying the filling gel, give a gentle massage after 5-10 minutes and finish it with a cleanser. 
The skin becomes very soft when you're done washing your face. 

The weather is getting colder everyday and I think those people who have extremely dry sin like myself should use this product several times every week.

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