Thursday, February 14, 2013

SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher

SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher

SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher 

I've been using the purple Shu Uemura Glow-on M32E that made my face look bright. 
I've been looking for a cheap product like Shu Uemura and SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher was the blusher that I've found! The cheaper versions of expensive brands are very popular these days because they are cheap and the colors come out very well. 
Missha's product and the cheaper version of Shu Uemura were quite similar to this product. 
I am currently using SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher, a product with an amazing color expression. 

 SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher gave me a feeling that I can use it for a long time because it was very small and had a lot in it. As you can see in photograph, it's round-shaped and the case is made of paper. There was a plastic lid on top of the case. 

 SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher No.3 Bebe Lavender was the color that was similar to the cheaper version of Shu Uemura M32E. This blusher had a lot of different colors. 
The product doesn't have a brush in it. 



As you can see, the color is light purple. 
I was a little skeptical about the purple color for a blusher in the past, 
but the purple blusher is the only blusher that I use these days. 
It's a sort of color that makes your face more white and clean. 

Before using this product, 
I've heard people say that the color didn't come out very well. 
I've realized why people were saying that. The blusher was slightly coated. 
The color doesn't come out that well if you apply with a brush. 
But the color comes out very well if you take off that coated layer. 
You cam simply take off that coated layer by scratching the top with the lid. 


The powder comes out like this when you scratch it. 
The color comes out very well when you apply it on your skin after brushing off the powder on the top. 


 This is the color of SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher, which is the cheaper version of Shu Uemura. The color is light purple and it has no pearls in it. 
The particles are very fine and I think it's a great product by considering its price. 


I'll now compare SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher No. Bebe Lavender with Shu Uemura Glow-on M32E. Shu Uemura's color before it is applied on the skin is lighter. 
Skinfood looks a lot darker when it's next to Shu Uemura. 


I should be able to say that it's a cheaper version of Shu Uemura when the colors are similar. 
I tested the colors on the back of my hand. 
At a glace, both of the products have similar colors. 
But Skinfood's blusher was a bit lighter than Shu Uemura. 


At a glance, Shu Uemura was close to the purple that had no pink.
In fact, Skinfood was rather close to light purple when I applied it on the skin. 
Shu Uemura seems to have mixed pink when it's next to Skinfood. 
I personally think the cheaper version of Shu Uemura is similar to Skinfood Sugar Cookie Blusher. It makes the skin tone look clean and white. 


This is after applying the Skinfood Sugar Cookie Blusher. 
My face looks a lot more white and bright after having applied the light purple. 
I only used the Shu Uemura Glow-on before, but I think Skinfood's colors are also very nice. 
I think you should be able to use it for a long time because it's cheap and has a lot in it. 
I recommend the cheaper version of Shu Uemura if you think Shu Uemura products are too expensive. 

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