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SKINFOOD Tea Tree Bubble Foam

SKINFOOD Tea Tree Bubble Foam

 SKINFOOD - Tea Tree Bubble Foam

Volume: The volume was 150ml on their website, but it's written as 160ml on the product. 

It's a foam cleanser that comes out right away when you pump it, a cleanser that removes the makeups cleanly and also a foam cleanser that contains tea tree in which AHA ingredient removes the unnecessary dead skins. 

My young sister who is still a teenager was getting a lot of small pimples on her face. 
That's why I've decided to buy this foam cleanser for her. 
I am sure that you all know that tea trees are good for pimples. 
I always get pimples on my face when I am having my periods every month.
So I wanted to buy the tea tree series that were known to be very effective for pimples. 
But some people said that the smell was too strong and it didn't match on some people.
So I hesitated a lot for buying this. 



This product is a pumping-type product. 
The design tells you which way you should place your fingers. 
I really like it because it seems to have considered the consumer a lot. LOL


Even though it's a pumping-type product, it's a product that changes like a mousse. 
That's why the mouth is quite big. 
Even though some of the foam cleanser remains on the mouth, 
it actually gave a quite clean finish as a pumping-type product. :)


As you can see, it's a liquid-type foam cleanser that you can see through. 
The product was a little unfamiliar to me because I tried using thick foam cleansers before, but this was the first time for me to use a liquid-type foam cleanser. 

I find many people using a bubble net so that they can create more foams, 
but a bubble net is not required for this product. 
It's because the cleanser comes out like mousse like in the photogrpah. 
I don't really know how it works, 
but I am guessing that there is something special to it. 

This is how the foam looks like when you apply it on the face. 
If you want to create more foams, just rub it hard and
apply it on your face. 

I tried to erase a makeup like this because I thought it would probably be able to erase light makeups, even though it may not be able to erase strong makeups. 
I used waterproof products for the eye line and mascara
and used a liquid-type liner for the underline. 



I tried to erase them with SKINFOOD Tea Tree Bubble Foam only and it erased the makeup pretty well. The liquid-type pearl liner all got erased except two or three 
and the mascara got erased almost perfectly. 
But the eye line remained a little on the underline. 
But I think it's good enough. :)

To mention the product's smell for a while, the product is much more mild and has a lighter smell compared to other products. 
I personally liked it because the smell was very delicate. 

Also, I think it was very effective for your pimples. 
My sister got rid of her small pimples with this product. 
For such reason, this is a product that I use whenever I am getting pimples on my face during my periods. It gave a very clean finish and it didn't make my skin tight even though my U-zone is normally very dry. 

Evaluation of SKINFOOD Tea Tree Bubble Foam Review

I personally liked it very much because it was quite effective for the pimples and also because the smell was not very strong. It cleansed very well and I was personally very satisfied with the product considering its price. I dare to recommend this product for all those people who have small pimples and those who do not like tea tree products because of its strong smell. 

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