Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lacvert Live Total Care Cream 45ml

Lacvert Live Total Care Cream 45ml

I bought it because it was a functional product that had whitening effects and the function for enhancing the wrinkles. I bought it also because I wanted to reduce the steps for my makeup because I do not like applying products several times. 

I personally like products that are covered like this.  It makes me feel that I am actually using a new product. 

The product doesn't have artificial fragrance in it because it's a natural product. 
It sort of smelled like an ointment. 

The left is the HERA Aquabolic Moisturizing Cream and the right is the natural. 
The cream was quite thick. It was the first time for me to use a texture like this. 
It wasn't extremely heavy like a nutrition cream nor was it flexible like a moisturizing cream. 
It was sort of like in between the two. 

It showed a bit of difference when I was applying the product on my skin. Right - Lacvert Live Total

Even though it doesn't apply to your skin very lightly because it's a functional cosmetics, it's lighter than the EGF cream. I usually use this product in the morning and use the EGF in the evening. I think it's good to use before doing the makeup because it has an appropriate amount of oil and moisture. I think it's definitely a functional cream because I didn't get freckles or blemishes on my face even when I stayed out in the hot sun after applying this product. 

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