Thursday, March 14, 2013

LACVERT Skin Power Solution Hydrating Essence 40ml

LACVERT Skin Power Solution Hydrating Essence 40ml

I bought a moisturizing essence because I was just out of essence and also because

my skin was extremely dry 365 days a year. 
I needed the whitening effects of Lacvert's H.I.T solution, but 
I've decided to buy the H solution essence because moisture was something that I need the most.  I personally like Lacvert's marketing strategy that says that you have to take care of your skin in the correct procedure because your skin usually changes in the following phases.  H(Moisture) - I(Whitening)-T(Flexibility). 

I encourage you to search for the solution essence if you are interested in whitening during summer. 

-It's a moisturizing gel that contains concentrated herb ingredients which gets smoothly absorbed in the direction of the skin to create a smooth skin for the entire day and enhances the level of retention for moisture. 

This is how the product looks like. The product is in a box just like ordinary basic care products. 

The phrase ' H Skin Power Solution Hydrating H Solution Essence' is written on the box. 
The top of the box is pink. 

It describes the three information about the solution. 
It's something that Yoo Ri Sung is talking about in the TV advertisement these days. 
It means that your skin loses water, light and line as you grow older and that you need to take care of your skin in order. 

Does that mean that I've lost moisture in order? 

The volume is 40ml. 
I bought this product at Watsons and the clerk at the shop recommended LACVERT Skin Power Solution Hydrating Essence to me because I had small troubles on my face and also because I didn't know what to buy. Well... I don't even expect it to calm down my troubles. 
I've decided to buy this when I've heard her say that. 

The inside of the box was colored in hot pink.
The product looks very cute in the box with the instruction manual. 

This is the product with the instruction manual. 
The case is  sort of purple. 

The lid is sort of weird. 

It says that it's an essence for a moist and vital skin. 
The case is not transparent. 

This is how big it is in your hand. 

This is the pump that you'll find when you open the lid.

<When I've squeezed out the content>

The liquid is not very transparent. 
It runs down very easily like in the photograph. 

I got absorbed very well on the back of my hand. 
(It's recommended that you apply it on your face because every person has different skin tissues)

The product didn't get absorbed that well. It got absorbed very well on the back of my hand, but it didn't get absorbed that well on my face. 

- The moisture was quite normal. The sense of moisture wasn't as great as I've expected it would be. I thought about buying a high nutrition skin and this product didn't seem to satisfy the needs of my skin. 

- The product almost didn't have any oil in it. 

* I think the product is more suitable for the dry skin and combination rather than the oily skin. 

The product won't be able to deliver the kind of moisture that they're expecting if you have a kind of skin that needs nutrition. To be frank, I was not completely satisfied with this product. 

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