Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mamonde Age control Skin Softener+Emulsion

Mamonde Age control Skin Softener+Emulsion


Hello~! :)

I am going to be writing a review about Mamonde Age control Skin softener+Emulsion today. 
(Skin Softener / Emulsion / Eye Cream/ Essence / Ultra-Repair Cream)
This is a product sample that I received from an event and the volume is 20ml. :)

I took this photograph when the product arrived. :)

The package arrived very safely with the 'fragile' sticker. :)
I was a little surprised because it was a lot more than what I've expected it would be. 

The contents of the package

Mamonde Age Control Softener 25ml
Mamonde Age Control Emulsion 25ml
Mamonde Sage Control Eye Cream 4ml
Mamonde Age Control Essence 5ml
Mamonde Age Control Ultra Repair Cream 5ml


Order of Use

Mamonde Age Control Skin Softener
Mamonde Age Control Emulsion
Mamonde Age Control Eye Cream
Mamonde Age Control Essence
Mamonde Age Control Ultra-Repair Cream


I took them all out and arranged them. :)
I think it should be very convenient for traveling. 


Mamonde Age Control Skin Softener
Mamonde Age Control Emulsion

Mamonde Age Control Skin Softener

A wrinkle enhancement cosmetics and a skin booster that enhances the anti-aging effects 
by absorbing the nutrition and moisturizing ingredients that are in the nano-emulsion form deeply into the skin. 

Mamonde Age Control Emulsion

An emulsion that enhances the anti-aging effects and moisture in the skin by covering the skin with active ingredients extracted from natural palm trees. 

  This is Mamonde Age Control Skin Softener. :)
The texture is very watery and it runs down very easily. 

The color is sort of pink and it has a very nice fragrance. :)
The smell isn't very strong. The mild fragrance really makes you feel good. 

It gets absorbed into the skin very quickly because the
texture very watery. 

The area on the right is the area that has applied Mamonde Age Control Emulsion

This is Mamonde Age Control Emulsion

As you can see, the color is white and 
the texture is quite watery. 

So it applies to the skin very softly. 
I think it's an emulsion that provides a great sense of moisture. 
It seems to provide more moisture than oil. 

Even though it's a watery emulsion, 
I didn't feel the tension on my skin and it applied to my skin very moistly. 

The smell is quite similar to the skin softener. :)

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