Monday, February 25, 2013

Mamonde Pure White EX basic 2 item sets

Mamonde Pure White EX basic 2 item sets 


Whitening products are extremely great gifts for me 
when I consider the weather. 
Fortunately, I am using Mamonde Pure White series a lot this spring. 
I am already using Mamonde Pure Whitening Cream and 
I am extremely happy to have received the basic cosmetics as a gift. 
Someone gave me this product as a gift because I've been telling everyone that I know that I care a lot about whitening. I should be making my skin bright and white with this whitening product. LOL

Mamonde White Pure White Skin Softener EX 150ml
Mamonde Pure White Emulsion EX 125ml
Mamonde Pure White Watery Serum EX 5ml
Mamonde Pure White Skin Softener 30ml
Mamonde Pure White Emulsion 30 ml

The ingredients of Mamonde Pure White. 

 As an amide derivative of vitamin B3, it helps to suppress the pigmentation by blocking the melanin that's created in the skin and enhances the skin tone by accelerating the differentiation of dead skin cells. 

White Bouquet Complex (Extracts of lily of the valley, apricot and daffodil)
It makes the skin smooth by reducing the dead skin cells and by providing sufficient moisture to the skin, enhances the transparency of the skin and makes your skin clear and bright. 

AP Snowray Complex
It's effective for enhancement of the skin tone, prevention of skin troubles and the acceleration of fine blood circulation, for it mixes the active ingredients of paper mulberry, ginkgo leaves and licorice that are grown at Goesan, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea. 

We'll see how well Mamonde Pure White applies on the skin. 



Mamonde Pure White Whitening Skin Softener EX

You can feel the oil and the moisture at the same time and it applies very smoothly on the skin. 
It gets absorbed very quickly and it was as if it had created a protection layer on the surface of the skin. The fragrance of the flowers, which I personally think is one of the characteristics of Mamonde, made me feel good while I was applying the product. 


Mamonde Pure White Whitening Skin Lotion EX

It applied extremely well on the skin with its feeling of the wax and the greasiness. 
I think it made my skin tone a lot brighter. 
I have a very dark skin and I feel a lot better because it has made my skin tone a lot brighter. 
The fragrance of daffodil and the whitening effects that the white bouquet complex provides made me feel good while I was applying the product. 

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