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Mamonde Aqua Fresh Moisture Soothing Essence Gel Review

Mamonde Aqua Fresh Moisture Soothing Essence Gel
Volume: 50ml


This is Mamonde Aqua Fresh Moisture Soothing Essence Gel, which is a new product that Mamonde has released this summer. It is a gel-type moisturizing cream that can be used for a variety of purpose because it has an outstanding sense of moisture and also because it doesn't make your skin glossy or oily. It can be used on all skin types. But I personally recommend it for those people who have slightly dry skin, neutral and slightly oily skin rather than those people who have extremely dry or oily skin. 


 It has a blue packaging. 
Mamonde Aqua Fresh Moisture Soothing Essence Gel is known to provide moisture to the skin immediately and calm down the skin. I tried using it and it really seemed to provide immediate moisture to the skin very well.

 The product is known to be made with the motive of lotus. 
It's really cool because it is known to have the quality of maintaining the moisture in the skin. 
I personally think you do not have to provide much moisture to your skin in summer. All you have to do is to possess the moisture that's in the skin. 

It contains vegetable extracts and herbs that have been certified as organic. 
It is known as a gel type moisturizer and I guess you can think of it as a moisturizing cream. 

These are the ingredients. 
You can use for a year after unsealing. 



 It has a sky blue lid and it looks very refreshing. 
The volume of the product is 50ml, which is the same volume with ordinary moisturizing creams. 
I like it because the size is a little smaller than other moisturizing creams. 
It doesn't take up much space because it didn't make the case look big intentionally like other products. 


It doesn't have a protection film in the middle. It was actually sealed with a film and a plastic vinyl. I think it's fine without the protection film in the middle because the area that touches the lid isn't that wide. 

Since the container is quite small, the gel type moisturizing cream. is filled up to the very top. 

 Now I finally understand why this is an essence gel. 
It's a gel type essence. 
It's not a moisturizing cream that's too watery.
The texture was a lot more rich than other moisturizing creams. 


Since the texture is a bit of thicker than other moisturizing creams, 
you can apply the cream thinly or thickly according to how much you use. 
You can probably use it like a moisturizing pack if you apply it thickly. 


 Some people may love this fragrance, but some may hate it. 
It's not a strong smell, but it is like the cool fragrance of men's perfume. 

You can feel a very strong sense of moisture immediately.
For such reasons, I thought that it would be glossy or have a sense of moisture. 

 It was sort of sticky when it almost finished getting absorbed into the skin. 
But it had a very clean finish after it got completely absorbed into the skin. 
I was not able to feel any sense of oil. 


This is when I've applied the cream on my face. 
Can you feel the sense of moisture?
I was worried that it might not get absorbed into the skin because it was so moist for about a minute after applying the product. But after a minute, it had a really clean finish because everything got absorbed very well into the skin. 

This is the before and after photograph of Mamonde Aqua Fresh Moisture Soothing Essence Gel. I cannot express everything through the photograph, but it looks really moist when you look at it. 

This is after about a minute when it it got completely absorbed into the skin. 
It has such a clean finish. It wasn't glossy on the skin because it didn't have any sense of oil. 
I personally have a neutral skin and it didn't make my skin dry. Perhaps it was because of the warm weather. 

I always tend to worry about my makeup being pushed way when I am choosing a moisturizing cream. But this is a product that doesn't have such effects. 
So you should be able to use it in the morning without worries. 

I am very much looking forward about the cleansing foam and the soothing pack that are in the Aqua-Fresh Series, because I personally really liked the feeling of Mamonde Aqua Fresh Moisture Soothing Essence Gel. 

A few tips for using Mamonde Aqua Fresh Moisture Soothing Essence Gel

Finish the annoying skin care with Mamonde Aqua Fresh Moisture Soothing Essence Gel alone in summer. When you are doing the makeup, mix Mamonde Aqua Fresh Moisture Soothing Essence Gel and a foundation that has a great covering ability in 1:1 ratio. Apply Mamonde Aqua Fresh Moisture Soothing Essence Gel thickly on your face and tap it to let it get absorbed into the skin. If you need more moisture on your skin, mix Mamonde Aqua Fresh Moisture Soothing Essence Gel with the essence oil in 2:1 ratio. 

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