Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mamonde Total solution BB balm 13g SPF33 PA++ Review

 I once had been using Mamonde Total Solution Cream. 
I bought the Mamonde Total Solution Perfect BB Balm because it was released a few months ago. 

 This is the description about the product. It has gone through the dermatology test and it can be used very safely even on the sensitive skin. 


The active ingredients may fly away if you do not close the lid well. 

 It looks like a tornado when you open the lid. The BB series covers the skin's blemishes with mineral complex and skin tone up powder and the pink series makes the skin tone bright because it contains vegetable lipoamide and the white series makes the skin smooth because it contains collagen primer and beta-glucanase. 

 I was worried that the color might not erase, But fortunately, the colors of the pink and white series didn't disappear.

 I coated the content on the puff that came along. The puff is a sponge puff and the puff doesn't absorb the content inside when you've coated too much. It rather applies on the skin very lightly. 
Also, one of the advantages of this puff is that the content goes into the skin very well when you apply it by bouncing off the skin. 

However, it's one of the disadvantages that you get to use a lot of content 
because the puff absorbs the content too well. 


 It was very mist and had a refreshing sense of moisture. The sense of moisture goes right into your skin when you apply it. Those BB creams that are out in the market may have instant moisturizing effects, but they often tend to create dead skin after a certain amount of time. This product not only had an outstanding moisturizing effect, but it also helped the moisture on the skin to last for a long time. 

The content got into the gap between the wrinkles and made the skin look smooth. 

 I usually use no.21 for the foundation. This product felt extremely natural on my skin. 
It had delivered the feeling of a bare face. On the other hand, it didn't seemed to make my skin that bright because the tone was very much like my skin color. I personally prefer those products that make the skin bright and in that sense, it was sort of disappointing. 

However, the covering capability was outstanding. So it had covered most of the blemishes and pores to create a smooth look and I didn't need to apply the makeup base separately because it had expressed an even skin tone. Also, it not only had outstanding effects as a makeup product, but it also had an outstanding function of skin care
It delivers comfort to the skin because the moisturizing ability was a lot better than most other products. Also, unlike those BB creams that got stuck in between the fine wrinkles after a certain amount of time, this product didn't get stuck in between the fine wrinkles even after a long time. 



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  1. aah your skin looks better after using this!! i want this omg