Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mamonde Hydro Lifting Gel Essence Review


Hello everyone. 
This is Rosa. I would like to recommend an essence that can provide vitality to your skin because the dry winter is almost gone and the fresh spring is coming. 

The product that I am going to introduce today is
Mamonde Hydro Lifting Gel Essence, 
which is a new product that Mamonde has released. 

This is how Hydro Lifting Gel Essence looks like. Isn't it cute?

As you may know from the name, 
this product has a texture that's similar to jelly. 

So you need to be careful when you are moving your hands. 
It can be disastrous~!!

Can you feel the flexibility of the essence 
when you are spreading on the back of your hand?
You should be able to feel the "Oh my gosh! The jelly is melting and is getting absorbed into the skin!" sort of feeling when you are applying the product. 

A texture that's like jelly
Quick absorption
Great fragrance
Affordable price

It runs down very easily, not withstanding the flexibility

I have oily skin that lacks moisture and my skin became moist just by applying this product. 
It didn't make my skin rough or dry and I think this product alone should be able to cover the skin of those people who have oily or normal skin. 

For those people who have dry skin, 
it would be better to apply other toners because it won't be enough for them. 

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