Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mamonde Pure White Sleeping Pack EX Review

This is one of the samples that I got at Aritaum after buying a huge load of products when they were having a sale. This is Mamonde Pure White Sleeping Pack. 


I really like the characteristics of the product. 

It has a double care system. It is known to remove the dead skin and provide whitening effects at the same time. You know.. it's quite fun to use a capsule product. 

It has the white capsules extracted from rice embryo and the turn over effect of niacinamide for removing the dead skin. 

Even though I've never used Mamonde's Pure White series before, 
I've decided to try it out because this product had a lot in it,. 

Even though it's a sample, the volume is 20ml. 

My skin was feeling sort of dry these days before I went to sleep 
on those days that I washed my face early. I guess it's because of the cold wind that blowing night and day. 


In fact, I've decided to try out this product by reading the instructions. 
I didn't expect my skin to become this good on the next day. 

It's really amazing. I haven't been using Mamonde these days and I've never used the Pure White Series before. In fact, I didn't expect much from it. But I have such a thin ear. 
I get persuaded by these numerical values and statistics. 


You can apply it before going to sleep because it's a sleeping pack.
You can absorb it into your skin by popping the capsules. 

The instruction says that I need to wash off the remaining residues on my hands with a cleansing foam. I've tried using various sleeping packs, but this is the first time for me to see an instruction like this. 

Does it irritate your eyes if it goes into your eyes?

In fact, I used this product for three time and I didn't wash my hands. 
I just applied what was left on my hands on my skin. 
They probably said this because they are worried that it might go into your eyes. 

Even though it's a 20ml sample, I really liked it because it was quite big. 
This is how a sample should be like. 
It always feels better to receive a 5ml sample rather than a film. 

The product description is also written on the back. 

This is the tube container.
I squeezed out a lot and even applied it on my neck. 

I squeezed out this much. 
It's a non-transparent white gel. 
It's chewy and I really liked the light floral fragrance. 

You can see the white grains when you spread it like in the photograph. 
You can simply tap it. 

I thought the absorption would be slow because it contained capsules. But it was a lot faster than what I've expected. 

It made me feel like that it had created a protection film on the surface of the skin. 
The feeling of the film on the surface of the skin wasn't suffocating or disturbing. 


 It's chewy and moist. I really like how it applied on the skin. 

I've been using a sleeping pack of Lirikos.
Lirikos feels sort of light. 
I didn't expect this product to be better than Lirikos. But I think I am liking Mamonde Pure White Sleeping Pack a lot more now. 

In fact, I thought Lirikos would be more moist and better. 
But don't you also think Mamonde would be actually better than Lirikos?

I guess every person has a different skin type. 

My skin seems to match better with Mamonde Pure White Sleeping Pack. 



 I popped all the capsules. 

I didn't apply everything that I squeezed out on the back of my hand. I applied some on my face and I also applied it on my hands. It's very glossy and moist. 


This is after it got completely absorbed into the skin and it's not glossy at all even though it's very moist. It seemed to have created a silky coating layer on the surface of the skin on the first day. But that never happened again later on. 

First of all, the skin becomes really soft right after applying the product.
There is a bit of oil on your skin the next day. 

But I really liked it because I have dry skin and also because the weather is very cold these days. 

My skin definitely looked brighter after washing my face. 
I really like it because it feels good on the skin and also because I can go to sleep without a dry skin. 

I strongly recommend it for those people who have dry skin. 

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