Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mamonde Natural Purity Cleansing Gel Foam Review

 This is what I was talking about. 
It feels like a product for the sensitive skin at a glance because the case is very pretty. 
It's mild and pretty. 
The pink plant that's in the circle in the middle is "centaury", 
which is the main ingredient of this product. 


 This is the mouth that sprays like fog. 
I sprayed it on the back of my hand it sprayed in a very fine way. 
But it seemed to spray too widely. 
However, it should be fine because face is a wide area. 

Mamonde Natural Purity Cleansing Gel Foam

<A soft mist that supplements moisture>
Centaury extracts and vegetable phyto squalane, which are known to be effective for calming down the skin, calm down the skin smoothly and supplement moisture to the damaged skin. 

I sprayed it on the back of my hand. 

It's not just a clean mist. 
It's very white because it contains essence ingredients. 
It was a kind of herb smell that I smelled for the first time and it was very mild. 
I really like it because the smell isn't very irritating as a toner. 

The next is "Mamonde Natural Purity Cleansing Gel Foam". 
In fact, this one is a lot more impressive. 

It is known to be comfortable for the sensitive skin because it is soap free and sub-acid. 
More than anything else, it's really moist. 


But the mouth looks like this. 
I don't like products like these. 
You need to squeeze it out by pressing the bottle. 
It's not easy to control the amount that comes out. 

I threw away that bottle and and put it in the pump type bottle.


Mamonde Natural Purity Cleansing Gel Foam
<A soft and moist gel foam>
The detergents extracted from coconut, starch and olive cleanses the skin very smoothly and 
centaury extracts calms down the skin to provide a moist finish. 


I am going to test it by squeezing out on my hand. 
It's a transparent gel type. 
The fragrant smell is similar to the smell of a toner. 


I'll add some water. 
I wanted to show you the full details of the product. 
(In fact, I wanted to try out what other bloggers were doing)

I rubbed my hands by adding some water. 
The foam was definitely different than other products. 

It didn't feel like a fresh cream.
It wasn't a kind of foam that seemed to contain a lot of surfactant. 


It was sort of like the snail mucus.
It was a watery foam that had a lot of moisture in it. 
It felt pretty much the same when I washed my face. 
Because it was moist, but got washed away without a sense of residues. 
It's so amazing. 


 So that is the end of my review on Mamonde Natural Purity Cleansing Gel Foam. 
I wanted to show you the product's texture because I was so impressed by these products. 
Was my review helpful to you? The reason why I am writing a review about this product is because this product is really amazing. 

I am sure a lot of people are worried when it comes a time when you have to change your basic cosmetics. I encourage you to fulfill the functions with the eye cream and essence and try out Mamonde Natural Purity Cleansing Gel Foam for the foam and the toner. 

I hope my review was helpful to you. 
I'll end my review here. Bye. 


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