Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mamonde Natural Purity Soothing Eye Gel Review


I've been using Mamonde's 'Aqua Fresh Moisture Soothing Eye Essence Gel' in the past. But they no longer produced that product anymore. So I had to look for a new eye cream and this is the eye cream that I found!

 This is Mamonde Natural Purity Soothing Eye Gel and Mamonde never disappoints me. 
The volume is 25ml and it's 18,000 KRW. The product came out very mildly because it's a product that is used on the areas near your eyes. It's 6 free cosmetics that doesn't contain preservatives, artificial fragrance, colors, ethanol, mineral oil and animal ingredients. I bought a product that has the main function for moisturizing the skin instead of those products that have the function for enhancing the wrinkles. 

 It's a tube type product which you directly squeeze out on your skin. 
I've always been looking for a tube type product because I personally do not prefer those products that you scoop out. The size is sort of smaller than your palm. 


I first applied it on my hand. 
The area on the right is where I've applied the gel. 
Perhaps it's because it's gel-type product that  was very moist and didn't have any stickiness.
The delicate floral fragrance was very attractive. 


Test on my face


Left:  I squeezed out three drops under my eyes. 


Right: And then I used my ring finger, which is the weakest finger, to tap the gel to get it absorbed into the skin. It create more wrinkles on your face if you rub it too hard. 

Left: I always apply it on the areas near my mouth. 
I squeezed out two drops. 


Right: I tapped the skin with my ringer finger once again. 


It was a very moist gel-type eye cream. 
Let me tell you once again. I personally do not recommend it for those people who want functional cosmetics for enhancing the wrinkles or those products that have whitening effects. I Eye creams are usually very expensive, but I think this product is a pretty good product by considering the price.